The Suckiest TV Character Exits Ever

Brian Linder
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When characters you love leave the shows you love it SUCKS! Here are some of the suckiest character exits ever.

Fox Mulder, The X-Files

While David Duchovny has reprised his role as FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder in The X-Files revival, there was a time late in the sci-fi series’ original run that Mulder just disappeared for a couple of seasons. On the show, the story was that he was abducted by aliens and went into hiding to find “the truth,” but in reality, Duchovny wanted more money and a better work schedule.

Allison Argent, Teen Wolf

After three seasons at the heart of the MTV hit Teen Wolf, actress Crystal Reed wanted out. Reed had other projects to pursue, and so her fan-favorite character, Allison, was written out. This one hurt, as Allison died in the arms of Scott, her first love. And the show would have to go on without one of its original stars.

Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev spent six years on The Vampire Diaries playing four different characters — the most prolific being the entrancing Elena Gilbert. So, when Dobrev decided to exit the series it meant a HUGE shift for The CW series. The tears of heartbroken fans would dry only when Elena returned for the series finale.

Rayna James, Nashville

Connie Britton’s Rayna James was the shining star of country music drama, Nashville, when it aired on ABC from 2012-2016. But when the canceled series was picked up by CMT for a fifth season, Britton bolted and James’ voice was forever silenced. Just after surviving a harrowing stalker encounter, James died from injuries sustained in a car crash. Predictably, the series ratings died right along with her.

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