Stop Googling ‘Is Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey’ Because He’s Not

Alexa Ray Corriea
Games Super Mario
Games Super Mario

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can stop googling “Is Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey?” It’s clear the younger, lankier Mario brother got the shaft this time. He’s nowhere to be found.

Of course we’re all looking for Luigi. It’s natural to assume he would be present in Super Mario Odyssey because he’s has been in nearly every other Mario adventure game for the past 30-plus years.

Can we even trust this hat thing?

True, this isn’t the first time Mario’s adventure has been Luigi-less. He wasn’t in Super Mario Sunshine, for example. But he’s been around for just about everything else, and was even lost in space during the events of Super Mario Galaxy.

What the Heck, Man?

But you’d think in his brother’s time of need, Luigi would be there. Rescuing Princess Peach from a forced marriage to Bowser seems like it would be a top priority on the brother’s to-do list. However, Mario sets out on his adventure with only Cappy by his side.

Sure, you can use the Luigi amiibo to get a themed costume for Mario. But that’s not the presence of the man himself, it’s only a cosmetic change.

Maybe Mario didn’t tell his brother he was going. Perhaps Mario left so abruptly to find Peach that he didn’t even bother to get his brother in on the act. Or maybe the younger Mario brother is back in the Mushroom Kingdom eating cake and has no idea any of this is going down.

Luigi in his last appearance, 'Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.'

Perhaps he’s off somewhere with Princess Daisy, who is always getting the shaft one way or another. Maybe they’re playing tennis or racing karts and having a grand old time while Mario solves his own issues for once.

Either way, it’s disappointing to see Luigi left out of the excellent adventure of Super Mario Odyssey, especially when the Year of Luigi was just less than four years ago.

Alexa Ray Corriea
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