Sydney’s FANDOM ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Meetup Was a Blast

Jeremy Ray

Saturday 8th September 2018 saw a whole heaps of Final Fantasy fans come together to hang out, share stories and take part banter so lit we needed fire resistance. FANDOM partnered up with FFXIV ANZ to host an awesome night filled with food and drinking all whilst bringing together Final Fantasy fans from all over Sydney and as far as Shellharbour (and perhaps further!).

The turn-out for the event was incredible; legendary event! Limited ticketing on the event meant everyone was able to spend more time together and share better laughs. The meetup gave people the chance to meet each other and hang out – the growing community just hit 3,000 members on Facebook, so for some it was the first time they’d met face-to-face!

A group of friends at the FANDOM Final Fantasy XIV meetup

Throughout the night, drinks were flowing and the vibe was awesome as everyone was hanging out, mingling and meeting friends, new and old.

Everyone was lucky enough to go home with a piece of Final Fantasy merchandise; from a plush toy Chocobo through to the one of a kind Stormblood watch, usually reserved for Square Enix employees, going to one lucky winner.

Ethys with Getz
Getz (right) with Ethys (left) seen moments after nearly rolling zero on watch-holding skills.

Final Fantasy XIV loremaster Ethys was on-hand to quiz the room and see who would win the watch. He picked a question right in the sweet spot that stumped all but one or two — and then nearly dropped the watch!

A group of friends at the FANDOM Final Fantasy XIV meetup

No one left disappointed and everyone got a some merch to remind them of this night and bring Eorzea into their living rooms.

Talk turned to the looming new raid content and the next expansion, and tales of both wipes and triumphs were told as the bar tab continued well into the night. Cosplay was encouraged and it was hard to beat Lulu on the right:

A group of friends at the FANDOM Final Fantasy XIV meetup

It was great to have the opportunity to share a beverage with the wider FFXIV community, as well as those dedicated souls who keep our FFXIV wikis up to date. Our thanks to everyone who came and the folks at Square Enix for partnering with FANDOM for a fun night.

A group shot of the FANDOM FFXIV meetup
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