‘Teen Wolf’ Producer Wants Colton Haynes Back

Paul V. Rea

Colton Haynes (Arrow) is in talks with the folks at Teen Wolf that could bring the actor back to the MTV show for one of the final episodes. Executive Producer Jeff Davis confirms to Fandom that they’d like to have Haynes and his Jackson Whittemore character back. They’re actively working to include him in the final season in some way.

Colton Haynes final appearance as Jackson Whittemore on Teen Wolf in 2012

The actor broke the news of a possible return in a Facebook Live video on Wednesday. A fan posted that they miss him on Arrow and Teen Wolf. Haynes replies, “I don’t think you’re going to have to miss me for very long. I can say that I’ve been invited back to both and I hope it works out for my schedule because I really wouldn’t want to miss going back to Teen Wolf for the last season. They’re my family forever.”

Davis tells us, “All I can say is yes, we’re talking.” The show’s creator is right to be cautious about saying too much too early. Similar talks to bring back former cast member Tyler Hoechlin reportedly fell apart last season. Currently, it seems both sides want it to work, so that’s a positive sign.

Colton Haynes Left in a Huff

After two seasons, Haynes abruptly left the show in 2012. His character’s transformation into a supernatural creature was the focus of Season 2 and reports at the time suggested he split over a lack screen time in the upcoming third season. He later said he felt “ripped away” from the cast he considered family.

For his part, Davis has always maintained he wanted Haynes to stay on the show. He spoke to reporters at New York Comic Con back in 2012 right after news of the actor’s decision surfaced. “I spoke with Colton last night, and he confirmed to me that he’s not coming back this season. I love Colton. I think he’s a great guy. He’s a great friend of mine. We’re going to miss him and I wish he was coming back but I also have to respect that he feels like he’s ready to move on. I think someone as talented as Colton is not going to have any trouble finding work. So, if this is really his final decision, then we’ll respect it. I told him last night that if he decides to come back, he knows there’s a great entrance for him.”

Teen Wolf Time is Running Out

As for finding work, Haynes landed the role of Roy Harper on Arrow less than two months later. He says in this week’s video that he would like to return to that show as well if they can work out the timing and other details.

The same holds true for Teen Wolf. Keep in mind, nothing is ever certain until all parties sign the contract. However, for now, it seems Davis may get to use that “great entrance” for Jackson Whittemore’s return to Beacon Hills. After Haynes left, Davis shipped the character off to London. Other characters mentioned him a couple of times since then, but his fate is largely unknown and is a favorite point of speculation for the show’s long-time fans.

At the end of a brief holiday hiatus, Teen Wolf resumes production next week. They’re slated to begin work on the final four episodes of the series. They’ll be shooting from now through March, so if they want to work Haynes into an episode, they have a brief window left in which to do it.

Teen Wolf airs on Tuesdays at 9 PM on MTV and the MTV App. New episodes are also available on iTunes and Amazon Video.

Paul V. Rea
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