‘The Bachelor’: One Contestant Dumps Arie, Another Makes Him Cry

Adam Salandra

Krystal may not have appeared on our screens on this week’s episode of The Bachelor, but that certainly doesn’t mean there was any less drama. Emotions ran high as Arie Luyendyk Jr. brought his seven female suitors to Tuscany in order to narrow it down to the final four for next week’s hometown visits.

Becca K. landed the first date of the season earlier this year and she finally got to reconnect with Arie during their second one-on-one at the start of the episode. The couple was able to reignite the spark that they had earlier in the season and Becca got the first rose of the night.

Back at the hotel, Jacqueline was having doubts about her feelings for Arie. She said she doesn’t think it seems right to introduce him to her family when they’ve only been on one date, and that’s because it’s not. But thinking logically won’t get you anywhere on this show, Jacqueline.

And indeed, she got too in her head and went to Arie’s room to break things off. She explained she’s not confident enough in her feelings for him to continue, while continuously pausing to kiss him or lay in his arms. And then there were six …

After not talking throughout most of their date last week, Lauren B. got her second one-on-one in a row. Arie wanted to confirm that he really got to know who she is and, yep, she’s just as dull as last week.

Eventually, she opened up and admitted to Arie that she’s falling for him. His response was to leave the table without saying a word, which sent her into a panic.

She worried that she “said too much, too soon,” which would be difficult since she has actually said nothing for too long. But apparently, he walked away mid-conversation because he is falling for her too. It all made no sense and was also a great reminder of why they’re perfect for each other.

Lauren B. got a rose and then Seinne was the next to land a one-on-one. She and Arie went to an Italian family’s home to cook heart-shaped pizzas together, but that’s about as romantic as it got. Arie admitted that he thinks they should have been farther along by this point and decided not to give her a rose.

That left Kendall, Tia, and Bekah M. together for the last group date of the season. When they were alone together, Tia told Arie that she doesn’t think Bekah M. is taking the competition seriously and is worried she’ll break his heart. She then let Bekah know what she said, causing the 22-year-old to cry into Arie’s arms.

After the drama, Arie gave Kendall a rose, leaving two season-long frontrunners to fight for the final flower. As the date became a two-on-one for dinner, Arie spent final moments with each of the ladies before making his decision. In the end, it was Bekah M. who was asked to leave after a season of intense chemistry with the bachelor. Arie sheds a tear as Bekah is swept away in minivan.

Tia scored the final rose and took her place among the rest of the final four, Becca K., Lauren B., and Kendall. The gang will be going on hometown dates next week to have Arie meet their very skeptical parents. See you then!

Adam Salandra
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