‘The Bachelor’: Krystal’s Claws Come Out on Intense Two-On-One Date with Arie

Adam Salandra

Arie Luyendyk Jr. took the ladies to Paris on this week’s episode of The Bachelor and went on a total of four dates in order to continue his pursuit of finding a wife.

But not everyone could find romance in the City of Love, and three of our bachelorettes — including two early frontrunners — had to say their goodbyes.

Who got a rose? Let’s break it down below.

The Solo Dates

If Lauren B. had one word to describe her date with Arie in Paris, it would be “wow.” But if we had one word to describe the date, it would be “awkward.”

The duo got into a gondola together and then barely spoke for the next few hours. Despite literally no chemistry, Arie said he hoped that she eventually would open up because he’s so attracted to her.

He decided to show her how it’s done by telling an emotional story about his ex-girlfriend leaving him after a miscarriage. She returned the favor by discussing the engagement she had to break off and in the end, all the sad stories were enough to score her a rose.

Jacqueline was the other lucky recipient of a one-on-one date with Arie and it was nice to finally get to know her. She talked about how she’ll be in school for the next six years trying to get her Ph.D. and Arie worried about how that would affect his life. He also admitted he was scared that she was too smart for him. But ultimately he decided intelligence didn’t have to be a turnoff and gave Jacqueline a rose.

Moulin Rouge

The group date was a visit to the famous Parisian cabaret the Moulin Rouge. And if the Baz Luhrmann film of the same name taught us anything, it’s that all you need is love. Of course, Nicole Kidman dies of tuberculosis at the end so some magical moments don’t always go as planned.

The ladies performed for Arie in outrageous costumes full of feathers and jewels, except for on their bottoms which censors blurred out because of how exposed they were.

After the cocktail party, Arie gave Bekah M. the rose, which also won her the honor of performing with him in a Moulin Rouge show. She looked amazing in a blue costume and a blonde wig, while the other women watched from a balcony where they forget to look like they didn’t want to murder her.

The 2-on-1 Date

Krystal really leaned into her role as the season’s villain on this episode, delivering soundbytes with the raised eyebrow and evil smile usually reserved for animated Disney bad guys.

She announced that it would be Kendall joining her on the 2-on-1 date with Arie, and then instantly laughed in the taxidermy lover’s face before physically circling her like prey.

Krystal went further than simply trying to intimidate her opponent though. When she had alone time with the bachelor, she said that she didn’t think that Kendall was emotionally ready to be in a relationship or to get married. Say what you want about the girl, but she’s so good at being bad.

When Kendall found out that Krystal was trying to plant seeds of doubt in Arie’s mind, she responded with surprising empathy and tried to have a heartfelt chat with the breathy blonde about why she’s in so much pain. Never one to try to make an emotional connection with another woman in the house, Krystal mocked Kendall and told her she doesn’t need her advice.

The date continued with a beautiful dinner outside of the Eiffel Tower in which Krystal swirled her wine while smirking like a sea witch who just stole a mermaid’s beautiful voice. But ultimately Arie gave his rose to Kendall and Bachelor Nation breathed a collective sigh of relief. When her luggage was taken away, the other contestants actually cheered. Hurrican Krystal had finally disappated.

Aside from Krystal’s elimination, it’s Jenna and (surprisingly) single mom Chelsea who didn’t receive a rose from Arie during the ceremony at the end of the episode. That leaves us with seven women remaining as we head to Tuscany for next week’s episode of The Bachelor. See you then!

Adam Salandra
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