‘The Flash’: Why Elongated Man Should Meet the Love of His Life in Season 5

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The members of Team Flash will have their hands full in Season 5. We’re probably due for another version of Harrison Wells, especially since Season 4 ended with Harry recognizing the importance of family and checking out to go visit with his daughter on Earth-2. It’s safe to assume that Cisco and NuHarry will be busy establishing their new rapport. Caitlin Snow will be delving into the mystery of her Killer Frost origins. Cecile and Joe will be in the throes of parenthood. Barry and Iris are suddenly parents as well. But their child, Nora, is from the future; fully grown and equipped with a lot of baggage due to some grave mistake she has made in the future.

But what about Ralph, who has been upgraded to series regular, and is now a full-time member of Team Flash? How will he occupy his time? We smell romance.

Grant Gustin and Hartley Sawyer in 'The Flash'

In an October interview with Collider, showrunner Andrew Kreisberg confirmed suspicions that if Ralph Dibny is around, Sue Dearbon cannot be far behind. Kreisberg indicated that it was definitely in the plan to introduce Sue because Ralph and Sue are endgame. They opted to dedicate this past season to properly introducing Ralph, reforming him, and establishing him as not just a part of the team, but a part of the family. Sue’s introduction is a logical next chapter in Ralph’s story.


Detective Comics #332

Sue Dearbon originated in the Flash comics in 1961. She is a socialite from Westchester County, NY. It began when Ralph crashed her debutante ball under the pretense of stopping jewel thieves to catch a glimpse of Sue. What followed was a whirlwind romance and very loving courtship, with Sue and Ralph married very quickly after. Speedster Barry Allen even served as the best man. Sue became a detective and worked alongside her husband. Sue was also a member of the Justice League, as an administrator.


Hartley Sawyer as Elongated Man

Almost more exciting than the life and times of Sue and Ralph are the death and times of Sue and Ralph. You read that correctly. Their comic story gets interesting, and fans might be curious to know if it will play out similarly in the Arrowverse.

You see, Sue Dibny was a friend and ally to the Justice League for years. Sue and Ralph would solve big mysteries together until she was murdered by Jean Loring, the psychotic ex-wife of The Atom, in a 2004 murder mystery story. Attempting to reunite with her husband Ray Palmer, Loring had used his equipment to try to create a threat to the families of other superheroes in an attempt to lure Ray back to her. Although Loring hadn’t intended for Sue to be seriously hurt, she unintentionally caused an aneurysm that killed Sue, prompting Loring to panic and nervously start a fire to burn the body.

Ralph would later try repeatedly to resurrect Sue, but those attempts ended with his own death, leading to the two of them being reunited as ghosts, yet still playing the role of helpful detectives. We’ve already met Jean Loring on Arrow, and her Arrowverse character might not be capable of such a harsh crime. But there are plenty of capable foes that make their way through Central City.

Whatever happens, Ralph is in for a wild ride this season. We can surely expect Sue to make an appearance. But will they make it to the altar before the end of the season? It’s within reason. We haven’t even met Sue yet but we already love her, so we do NOT want to assume that they’ll face their maker. Although, it could be interesting to have a couple of ghostly detectives on the team. As long as Ralph is still in love, we’re on board.

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