‘The Gifted’ Cast Guessing Obscure Mutants’ Powers is Hilarious

Kim Taylor-Foster
TV Comic-Con
TV Comic-Con Marvel

The cast of The Gifted was at San Diego Comic-Con promoting Season 2 of the X-Men spin-off show when FANDOM sprung a mutant quiz on them. We fired a bunch of names of some of the more obscure mutants from the comic books at them, and asked them to try to guess each mutant’s characteristics and/or powers.

Cast members Sean Teale, who plays Eclipse in the series, and Blair Redford, who plays Thunderbird, tackled mutants including Goldballs, Velocidad, No-Girl and Skids. Stephen Moyer and Natalie Alyn Lind, who play father and daughter duo Lauren Strucker and Reed Strucker respectively, meanwhile, attempted Forearm and Bling! It’s fair to say results were mixed… but very funny. Check out their responses in the video above.

More Mutants in Season 2

The Gifted-Morlocks mutants
The Morlocks are confirmed for Season 2.

The Gifted‘s SDCC panel unveiled the Season 2 trailer, which teases a tough time ahead for the Mutant Underground. It shows a heavily pregnant Polaris, played by Emma Dumont, before revealing a glimpse of her seemingly in labour. Marcos — aka Eclipse — is, of course, the father, but the two went their separate ways at the end of Season 1. The trailer also shows Reed’s latent powers emerging.

Season 2 picks up six months after the explosion at the Atlanta Station, with the group now split in two as one faction defects to The Inner Circle. New groups with extreme ideologies, both human and mutant, present problems for the group as they try to dampen a brewing conflict.

During the panel, it was confirmed that comic-book mutant group the Morlocks will appear in the new season, as well as other mutants not yet introduced on screen.

Executive Producer Matt Nix told the crowd: “Certainly we’re going to be bringing in some fun mutants from the past,” said Nix. “Not so much the big movie mutants because that’s their world but we’ve got some really exciting new characters who are straight out of the comics.”

Season 2 of The Gifted — entitled Dawn of the Mutant Age — premieres September 25 in the US.

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