‘The Gifted’ Star Jamie Chung Teases a Complicated ‘Love Thing’ For Mutant Blink

Kim Taylor-Foster
TV Comic-Con
TV Comic-Con Marvel

As the cast of new Marvel show The Gifted did the rounds at New York Comic Con, they discussed many things, including the recent announcement that the X-Men’s Magneto is father of Emma Dumont’s Polaris.

But during a round-table interview ahead of the official panel, Jamie Chung told a small handful of journalists that her character Blink, whose power is creating teleportation portals, will get a love interest in the show. And it piqued our curiosity. But it’s a love match that’s not destined for plain sailing.

In response to a question about how much like the comic-book version her character is, Chung said, “In terms of [the] Exiles [comics] … she’s actually a very strong leader. So that’s nothing like my character. I consider her like a runaway. Someone who thinks she can take care of herself, and she’s always kind of been on her own. And now she runs into this group that wants to take her in she’s like, ‘I don’t know.'”

“And there’s a love thing. Then she’s like, ‘I’m kind of into you but then you tricked me.’ So now I’m like, ‘This is messed up and I’m gonna peace out, and she peaces out and then she comes back in.’”

Blink’s Backstory Revealed

Chung didn’t divulge what kind of trick the love interest plays on Blink but could it perhaps be connected with the events of Episode 7? It’s the episode she’s most looking forward to audiences seeing from Season 1.

“It focuses more on the backstory of why Blink is the way she is, and I think it’s kind of interesting,” said Chung.

Co-star Emma Dumont agrees.

“I’d say that as well. It’s really dark. Her backstory is really dark,” the Polaris actor said of Blink. “It changes her and it changes her relationships with people in the underground. This whole time, she sort of feels like a scammer, like she’s not meant to be there. Or she’s [got an] inferiority complex or something, and she feels like she owes these people. But she doesn’t really. And do they actually like her? I think in Episode 7, she begins to really feel like she’s joining the family.”

We’ll find out more as the inaugural season of The Gifted unfolds.

The Gifted airs Mondays on FOX.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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