Another Classic Batman Animated Series is Gearing up for its Blu-ray Release

Darryn Bonthuys

Whenever you think of Batman’s animated adventures, there’s a good chance that Kevin Conroy’s gravely voiced take on the Dark Knight will come to mind. But long before Conroy emerged as the definitive Batman, one other icon was lending his vocal talents to the Caped Crusader. Talents that you can now hear and see in action, thanks to this upcoming Blu-ray release for The New Adventures of Batman on Blu-ray.

Debuting during the Silver Age of comic books, this short but memorable animated series saw Adam West and Burt Ward metaphorically suit up to play Batman and Robin once again. Having portrayed the dynamic duo in the ’60s live-action series, they returned to their roles in 1977 to voice their characters in the animated series. There are some slight differences with this show when compared to its live-action counterpart, specifically the inclusion of a new character to Batman’s war on crime: a fifth-dimensional imp by the name of Bat-Mite, who he causes several problems for Batman and Robin with his hijinks of the wacky variety.

Still, this is a fun show for younger members of the family, especially if they’re not old enough yet to be traumatized by the ’90s series, which was notorious for some heavy emotional moments. This Blu-ray contains all 16 episodes and a short documentary called The Dark Knight Revisited. If you’re looking to complete your Batman collection, Batman: The Complete Animated Series on Blu-ray has been discounted to around $42 at Amazon and its sequel show, Batman Beyond: The Complete Series, is available for roughly $36.