‘The Walking Dead’: Treachery Within the Saviors Exposed

Jake Labay
TV The Walking Dead
TV The Walking Dead

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the Season 8, Episode 15 of The Walking Dead, entitled “Worth.” Proceed with caution.

Last week’s episode ended with Negan miraculously escaping from Jadis’ captivity. On the way back to Sanctuary, he picked up a mysterious passenger. Armed with the knowledge that Simon ordered the massacre of the Scavengers, Negan was determined to expose the treachery within his ranks.

Negan Is Back

With Negan presumed dead, Simon started to feel comfortable as the big man in charge. He even enjoyed having Gregory underneath his heel. Dwight — who has been working as a double agent — began feeling safe as well. Then, Negan’s whistle broke the silence.

At first, it seemed like Dwight was exposed. However, Negan reassured Dwight, reminding him he needs to do the right thing “when the time comes.”

Negan then held a meeting with his inner circle. Simon started to convince him that he only did what needed to be done. “I’m gonna need you on your knees,” Negan said while wielding Lucille. It seemed like lights out for Simon right then and there but Negan surprisingly declared, “all is forgiven.”

Negan then outlined his plan to bring down the Hilltop once and for all — by surrounding the community with outposts and sniping anyone who leaves for supplies, dwindling them down.

Simon’s Mutiny

Simon, motivated by his brush with death, decided to overthrow Negan. He and his loyal followers met Dwight outside. Once more, Negan’s whistle sound. Dwight had tipped the Savior leader off to Simon’s mutiny. Negan then ordered that Simon’s followers be gunned down, but spared Simon’s life, offering him the chance to fight for control.

With the leadership of the Saviors at stake, the two men squared off in Sanctuary’s main hall. An enraged Simon seemed to be getting the upper hand, but in the end, Negan knocked him down with a leg sweep and choked Simon to his last breath. Thus, Simon’s short-lived mutiny ended.

A Traitor Is Unmasked

While the fight was happening, Dwight handed Gregory the map with Negan’s plan. He told the former Hilltop mayor to deliver it to Rick. Gregory bolted out of Sanctuary as fast as he could.

After the fight, Negan awarded Dwight the position as his “right hand man.” Before Dwight could express his gratitude, Negan had something to show him. Negan opened the door into the next room. Laura – the woman who witnessed Dwight’s betrayal – was inside.

Negan began to put the pieces together of Dwight’s betrayal – calling him a “nothing” and a “nobody.” Dwight was still trying to process what had happened. Negan revealed to Dwight that those plans he showed were fake. At first, Negan thought about killing Dwight but figured he was more useful alive.

A lot of questions have been answered in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Dwight and Simon received Negan’s punishment like most fan’s expected. But what does Negan really have planned for the Hilltop? What role will Dwight play in the final battle? And will Rick and the others be prepared for what’s to come?

The season-long “all out war” will end with next Sunday’s finale.

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