The Year in Fandom Awards: Vote for Best Family-Friendly Film

Kim Taylor-Foster

While it’s true that 2016 may not be remembered as a stellar year — we’ve lost a lot of pop culture greats, after all — on the whole, fans of movies, TV, and games have had quite a lot to be happy about. As the year comes to an end, it’s time to look back on the best of the best and select the winners of our Year in Fandom Awards. Have a look at the nominees, and cast your vote below!

Here are the nominees for Best Family-Friendly Film:


Disney’s Moana has really resonated with audiences, doing big business at the box office. And why wouldn’t it? It’s got Dwayne Johnson singing for a start. This charming animated tale positions Moana as a Disney heroine that little girls can truly look up to – a strong, bold, driven female without a love interest in sight. With a smart script packed with funny wisecracks and gorgeous animation, it ranks among Disney’s best. Plus, it’s got that post-credits sequence in which Tamatoa the coconut crab bemoans the fact he’s not a certain Jamaican crab named Sebastian…

Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the Two Strings has generated a lot of hype since its August release. Kubo is voiced by Game of Thrones” star Art Parkinson – Rickon Stark in the HBO megaseries – and the character, and everything else, is brought to life handsomely by acclaimed animation studio Laika. This sophisticated, Japan-set fantasy adventure is a treat from start to finish. It has a voice cast that also includes Charlize Theron, Ralph Fiennes, Rooney Mara and George Takei and stands on its own as a timeless and contemplative piece of art that both adults and children will cherish for years to come.


One of the more surprising releases of 2016, some would say it deserves inclusion in the Best Films of 2016 list, never mind the Family-Friendly selection. About a sheltered farm bunny with grand ambitions who heads to the big city to make her mark as a cop, Zootopia ranks highly when it comes to both originality and charm. With super-engaging animated characters, a sassy script and a plot that’s far from predictable – as well as a voice cast that includes Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman and Idris Elba plus Tommy Chong, J.K. Simmons and Alan Tudyk – this is a film worthy of recognition.

Finding Dory

Finding Nemo was a huge hit for Disney as audiences fell in love with the little clownfish with one small fin who got separated from his family. Although audiences also adored the film’s assortment of other colourful characters, who mounted an epic ‘fish’ hunt in an attempt to bring him back, it didn’t seem to lend itself as easily as, say Toy Story, to a sequel. Fast forward 13 years and follow-up Finding Dory was making a splash in cinemas. This time, it’s forgetful blue tang fish Dory that goes off in search of her long-lost parents and promptly gets herself lost, with Nemo and his dad Marlin on her tailfin. Ellen DeGeneres brings the lovable Dory centre-stage and additions such as Idris Elba and Dominic West added to the voice cast as two irritable, antagonistic sea lions, there’s plenty to build on the success original.

The Jungle Book

[ooyala video=”RsOGNmMjE6VrWKv21pH3C0t8NGcyMFOL” player=”52bc289bedc847e3aa8eb2b347644f68″]

Disney’s classic animated version of The Jungle Book is a childhood favorite of just about everyone. The challenge was creating a modern reimagining that lived up to it. In the Jon Favreau-directed 2016 version, many felt they’d nailed it. The incredible CGI which makes the jungle and its beasts seem so lifelike contrasts spectacularly with the traditional animation of its 1967 predecessor, and Christopher Walken’s King Louie is nothing less than a treasure. With new life breathed into the classic songs on its soundtrack, Disney delivered a remake that deserves recognition.

Kim Taylor-Foster
Kim Taylor-Foster is Entertainment Editor for Fandom in the UK. She was raised on an unsteady diet of video nasties and violent action flicks.