‘This Is Us’ Season Finale Teases Show’s Next Big Mystery

Brittany Rivera

Season 2 of This Is Us has been an emotional one for fans. This season Kevin struggled with his addictions, Randall and Beth started their journey as foster parents, and Kate was still processing her guilt over her father’s death as she attempted to start a new life with Toby.

After months of fan theories, Season 2 also had the biggest reveal of them all: the truth about Jack‘s death. But, just when fans thought the mystery of This Is Us was over, the Season 2 finale dropped another bombshell that is sure to have fans speculating all the way into Season 3. Let’s break down the finale’s top moments.

Back to the Future

Randall and Beth, This Is Us

In “Super Bowl Sunday”, This Is Us showed its first flash forward. Rather than looking at the past with a young Rebecca and an alive Jack, it showed an Older Randall and Adult Tess. This eased fans concerned that Randall would be the next to die. But, since then, one big question has remained: Where was Beth? Sure, Randall could have just dropped by to say hi to his daughter at work, but with This Is Us the answers are never that easy and the Season 2 finale just proved this point even more.

“The Wedding” showed a glimpse into the future for all of the Big Three. It showed Kate taking care of what appeared to be a depressed Toby, Kevin off to Vietnam to learn more about his father and uncle, and a conversation between Older Randall and Adult Tess. Randall tells his daughter, “It’s time to go see her, Tess.” His daugher answers, “I’m not ready” to which Randall replies, “Me neither.” So the new big question for This Is Us becomes who is the mysterious “her”?


Randall and Beth, This Is Us

The most likely theory seems to be that Randall and his daughter are talking about Beth. It’s hard to imagine any world where Beth and Randall are no longer together after everything they have been through. They are the ultimate couple goals. So, worst case scenario, something is wrong or Beth has died because that is the only reason why she would not be there in the future.

As Refinery29 pointed out, Beth’s father died of cancer. Maybe it is the same disease that is killing or has killed Beth as well. Perhaps it is some kind of brain cancer that affects her memory or motor functions, making it hard for her daughter and husband to see her in that state. Especially because the camera cut from the conversation in the future to a vibrant and very much alive Beth dancing in the present.

“Her” could also mean Deja, who is now officially a member of the Pearson family. Deja has had a rough life and isn’t exactly thrilled at the news that her mother gave up her parental rights. After being complimented for looking, “like her dad”, Deja takes a bat to Randall’s windshield in anger. Maybe, despite Randall and Beth’s best efforts, Deja went down the same path as her mother. We don’t want to think the worst of her, but could Tess and Randall be discussing visiting Deja in prison?

And last, but probably least likely, “her” could also mean little Annie. She’s an adorable child now, but who knows what she may be up to in the future. It could be that she is the wild one, not Deja. It wouldn’t be This Is Us if there wasn’t another twist coming, but it looks like we will have to wait until Season 3 to get the answers.

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