Quiz: Who Said It — Thor or Buzz Lightyear?

Maggie Owens
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At first glance, you might not see the connection between Thor and Buzz Lightyear. One is a Norse God turned Avenger. The other is “a child’s plaything.” But, dive a little deeper and you’ll start to see just how much these two intergalactic heroes have in common.

Both are known for their courage and like to save the day, though each has to eat a slice of humble pie when he touches down on earth. In fact, without their choice equipment — Thor has his Hammer; Buzz his spacesuit — neither is able to fly.

Both find balance in their All-American, play-by-the-books counterparts (Captain America and Woody, respectively). Buzz gets a little help from those Little Green Men. Thor gets a lot of help from that big green man (The Hulk… I’m talking about the Hulk). And, though both Thor and Buzz think they’re a bit too good for Earth, they’ve both at one point fallen in love with one of its inhabitants (good girls Jane Foster and Jessie).

Think you can distinguish quotes from the God of Thunder and the universal space ranger? Take this test to find out.


Maggie Owens
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