Thoughts on Events of the Past Week

Fandom Staff

We are heartbroken by what happened to George Floyd last week and are even more upset that violence and racism against black people remains common in America.

Racism is the antithesis of what Fandom stands for: We are grounded by community and connections. We are inclusive and invest in each other’s success. We do not tolerate xenophobia or discrimination. We support those who speak out against hate. To that end, we are making a donation to The Southern Poverty Law Center to support its fight against hate, bigotry, and injustice. We are also donating 50% of all proceeds from the sale of digital dice through June 8 on D&D Beyond to Black Lives Matter.

What we can do at Fandom every day:

1. Please continue to remain open to feedback and learning about areas like unconscious bias.

2. Remain committed to acting with consideration and promoting unity among your colleagues and partners.

Thank you for anything you do today to support your family, our community and ultimately the belief that every person is entitled to equal treatment. Be courageous and please share how we can continue to foster inclusion and support one another.

Fandom Staff