‘Venom’ Trailer Breakdown: Will Michelle Williams Be She-Venom?

Lauren Gallaway
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Today Sony unleashed the first official trailer for their new Spidey film Venom. The film stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. In the comics, Brock was a rival reporter to Peter Parker. Considering Marvel and Sony’s current Peter Parker is still in high school, Venom is definitely taking a different approach to Brock’s origin story.

Who is Michelle Williams Playing?

We get a brief glimpse of Michelle Williams in the film. She’s reportedly playing Anne Weying, the ex wife of Eddie Brock. In the comics, Weying becomes She-Venom who is as literal of a character as you could possibly imagine. Look at this 90s as hell comic. 

Considering that Sony Pictures has already said that the Venom film is kicking off a whole symbiote series, it’s not off base to think Michelle Williams will end up with her own (hopefully less stupid and exploitative) symbiote suit.

Venom Debuts

The trailer opens in a lab environment. We see a figure — Eddie Brock — lying in an MRI machine as two men monitor screens displaying information.

Over a shot of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Tom Hardy’s voice can be heard.

“Everyone’s got their thing,” he says. There’s a shot of him walking along a city street, and then through a shop at night.

“Maybe it’s a break up…,” he continues, over a shot of Michelle Williams’ character Anne. “A death, an accident…”

Shots of what could be a body being uncovered on a mortuary slab and the scene of some kind of huge crash accompany his words.

“Whatever it is, you used to be one thing, now you’re something else,” he concludes as we see him waking up sweaty-faced in the lab.

It cuts to a shot of Riz Ahmed’s character, Dr Carlton Drake, surrounded by white coats as he opens the back of a truck to reveal a pulsating black organism contained in a glass cylinder.

“We all have our own problems…” Brock continues against shots of him breaking out of the lab, riding a motorbike and seemingly causing widespread destruction.

“…our own issues, our own demons,” he concludes to a medley of images that see him running through woods, plunging into a body of water and waking screaming in that MRI machine. And that’s where it ends.

Tom Hardy and director Ruben Fleischer previously showed fans a glimpse of the film via Twitter:

Venom is said to be an adaptation of the comic book storyline called Venom: Lethal Protector. The book was released by Marvel Comics in 1993 and was written by David Michelinie. The book very specifically addressed Eddie’s ability to spawn more Symbiotes that created a vast amount of new Venom-based characters in the Spider-verse.

Venom stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, and Reid Scott and hits theaters October 5, 2018.

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