‘Top Model’: Eva the Diva Returns and One Eliminee Re-Enters to the Competition

Lawrence Yee

It was a “throwback comeback” week on America’s Next Top Model.

The challenge and photo shoot were inspired by fan-favorites from season’s past.

The first came from Cycle 16, where the models had to walk down a thin runway in a giant bubble. The previously eliminated contestants were brought back, with the top four performers re-entering the competition.

Eliminees Erin, Liberty, Christina, and Jeana performed strongly enough to temporarily move back into the house and participate in the photoshoot — posing along Cycle 3 winner Eva Marcille … and a tarantula.

Top Model Nigel Barker Eva Marcille
Eva the Diva and Nigel Barker returned to ANTM.

The photographer for the spider shoot was none other than former judge Nigel Barker. The girls were paired up: Khystyana with Erin, Kyla with Liberty, Shanice with her enemy Christina, and Rio with her former friend Jeana (who was eliminated last week).

Shanice, Erin, and Jeana were all terrified of their eight-legged accessory, but Erin and Jeana worked through their fears. Shanice was so nervous that she actually scared Eva.

“Baby girl you are scaring ME over here,” Eva said after Shanice freaked out on set.

The stakes were high at panel, as one of the eliminated models would be brought back, while one of the Top 4 would leave permanently — no more comebacks.

Christina and Jeana both got high praise for their photos, but in the end, Jeana was brought back (she’s still our pick for the Top 2).

Shanice and Rio were in the bottom two, and Rio was sent home. That means her former best friend Jeana took her spot.

“I’m super pissed because I don’t get a second chance to come back,” Rio said after she was eliminated. “I don’t care what anybody says, I’m in the final four. And I’m going to be a supermodel.

Who will win Top Model? Jeana, Shanice, Khrystyana, or Kyla? Two episodes remain in Cycle 24.

Lawrence Yee
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