Three Characters Exit in Emotional ‘Supergirl’ Season 3 Finale

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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the Supergirl Season 3 finale, “Battles Lost and Won”. Proceed with caution.

Two series regulars took their final bows on Supergirl last night, as they both decided to return to the future and fight alongside the Legion of Superheroes. J’onn’s father also said his final farewell, as he gave his life to stop Reign. The finale, which contained a lot of goodbyes, was very emotional for Kara, Alex, and everyone who was staying behind on Earth. One goodbye in particular was hard because this character has been on the show since the very first episode of Supergirl.

Goodbye, Winn

Supergirl Winn

Winn Schott has been an integral part of Supergirl since day one. Winn was the first person who knew Kara had superpowers, well, outside of her family that is. He was her first sidekick. Winn made Kara her first suit, her first cape, and her first superhero insignia — the crest for the House of El.

Over the last three seasons, Winn has transformed from media tech support guy to D.E.O. superfriend. He has outfitted Alex and J’onn’s team with powerful technology to help them in their fight against rogue aliens. Winn also helped Guardian suit up, by outfitting him with his iconic mask, shield and uniform.

Winn has experienced great love and suffered great loss. He overcame his childhood trauma of being the Toyman’s son, he united with his mother, and as of this episode, he became a powerful inventor of tech that will protect the future. So, when Brainiac 5 asked Winn to go to the future and protect the Earth, Winn knew that he had to the take “his schott”, so he agreed to go. Many hugs were shared between Winn, Kara, Alex, James, and J’onn.

Actor Jeremy Jordan thanked fans for their support and promised this wasn’t a total goodbye for his character. Winn will be back in Season 4, Jordan guaranteed on social media:

Mon-El Goes Back to the Future

Supergirl Mon-El

Mon-El also decided to return to the future. Saturn Girl and Brainiac both told him of the danger that plagued Earth in their time. Reluctantly and not wanting to leave Kara, Mon-El decided to go back. Kara supported his decision, of course, because he was acting like the man she always knew that he could be.

Mon-El’s arc on Supergirl has taken him from spoiled rich kid to planetary refugee to superhero. In Season 2, Kara taught him about love, heroism, humility, and sacrifice. When he ended up in the future, he embraced those traits and passed them onto others, like the Legion of Superheroes.

According to TVLine, actor Chris Wood will not be back for Supergirl Season 4.

No J’onn, I am Your Father

Supergirl M'yrnn

The hardest and most tear-jerking goodbye was to J’onn’s father, M’yrrn. M’yrrn has been the sweetest and most unexpected addition to the show this season. His relationship with J’onn was thoughtful, sweet, kind, and deeply spiritual. Actor Carl Lumbly portrayed M’rynn beautifully.

Before M’yrnn sacrificed himself to stop Reign, he transferred his most precious memories to his son. The final memory he gave J’onn was of the birth of the Martian race on Mars. It revealed to J’onn a profound spiritual truth about pursuing peace.

Kara also said goodbye to her mother, Alura, as Alura returned to Argo City. Then J’onn, wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps of peace, promoted Alex to director and left the DEO. “Battles Lost and Won” was a powerful reminder that family comes first, being a superhero requires sacrifice, and that sometimes you have to forge your own path. Let us know your thoughts on the Supergirl Season 3 finale on social or in the discussions.

Supergirl will return to The CW this Fall on Sundays.

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