Vangelis Releases New Album ‘Rosetta’

Andrew Hawkins

Vangelis is the undisputed godfather of theatrical synth music. The composer is responsible for some of the most memorable film music in history to include the soundtracks for Blade Runner, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and Chariots of Fire. Despite having worked on many movie and television projects in the last 15 years, Vangelis has not officially released an album since 2001’s Mythodea. As of right now, we can now expect a new record called Rosetta to be released later on this year.

Rosetta is an album very similar to Mythodea – Music for the NASA Mission: 2001 Mars Odyssey in that the music for the record was composed long before any official release was arranged. Mythodea was a soundtrack made to accompany the Nasa mission that sent a robotic spacecraft to the red planet in hopes of discovering traces of water and possibly life. The album still stands as one of Vangelis’ best and greatest achievements in combining classic orchestral and operatic influences with electronic instruments and synthesizers.

In 2014, Vangelis composed a soundtrack to accompany the Rosetta Mission that captured the attention of millions. People around the world watched in anticipation as members of the European Space Agency attempted to land the small probe on a comet. The music composed for this historic event is a score that blends multiple styles and themes and much like Mythodea; it ranges from high energy intensity to brooding and provocative sequences of electronic instrumental pieces.

Vangelis is always actively pushing the boundaries of synth music and how to compose music in the modern age. The man is a revolutionary artist and visionary in his field, and every opportunity to hear new music from the master is worth celebrating. Right now, Rosetta is currently available for pre-order in CD and Vinyl formats and will be released via Decca Records on 23 September. There’s a new Vangelis record coming and for fans of incredible music, it’s great news to hear.

Andrew Hawkins
Andrew Hawkins is a producer and publicist known for Mental Health and Horror: A Documentary, Jan Svankmajer’s INSECT, and Athanor: The Alchemical Furnace. Follow him on Twitter @mrandrewhawkins