5 ‘Veronica Mars’ Characters We Need in the Reboot

Justin Carreiro
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After more than 10 years off the air, Veronica Mars is finally heading back to TV in 2019! The eight-episode limited series on Hulu will see Veronica investigate one main case in her hometown of Neptune, California. Just like the Kickstarter movie, one of the big questions Marshmallows have been asking lately is which characters will return for the new series.

Beloved main roles like Logan, Weevil, and Wallace are already set to join the next adventure. But Veronica Mars also has a wide range of supporting and guest characters who could also find their way into the story too. So, here are five Veronica Mars characters to consider for the reboot series.

Madison Sinclair

Madison Sinclair doing arts & crafts at Neptune High.
So much evil behind that sweet smile.

The queen of Neptune High is a must for the Veronica Mars reboot. Madison Sinclair is the bane of Veronica’s existence and one of the people Veronica wishes she could remove from her high school memories. Madison enjoys enforcing a tone of superiority over anyone she deems unpopular, which in most cases is Veronica and her friends, Wallace and Mac. Plus, Madison airing Veronica’s sex tape at their high school reunion adds plenty of fuel to the already angry fire.

In addition to the fun animosity, Madison is a character that should return because of her unfinished plot. During one of her cases, Veronica discovers that Mac and Madison were accidentally switched at birth in the hospital. Mac knows the truth, but did Madison ever figure that out? This confrontation is 14 years in the making, and this reveal could be how Veronica and Mac get their karmic revenge on their high school enemy.

Celeste Kane

Celeste Kane staring over the table at Veronica Mars.
If looks could kill, Celeste would vanquish all her enemies.

Out of all the enemies in Veronica’s life, ice queen Celeste Kane might be the cruelest. The rich socialite never holds back from tearing down our favorite investigator, even going so far as being thankful that her one grandchild didn’t come from Veronica. Most of her hate stems from her (now ex) husband Jake’s ongoing affair with Veronica’s mother, Lianne. (This romantic mess could totally be a talk show segment, right?)

Celeste needs to return to cause the same friction for Veronica again. Whereas Veronica dishes her hatred for Madison with icy remarks, Celeste spits fire whenever she pushes Veronica’s buttons. And Celeste won’t hesitate to undermine Veronica at every opportune moment, so a brewing battle could be on the horizon. Plus, we need to hear what she has to say about the whole “framing-Weevil-with-a-gun” debacle.

Jake Kane

Jake Kane and Celeste Kane discovering their son Duncan.
Their secrets will connect them, even in divorce.

Software billionaire Jake Kane is one of the most well-connected men in Neptune. Many of the town’s residents are rich because his company invented streaming video, a social power he leverages to get whatever he wants. For most of Veronica Mars, he seems like a nice guy who misses his daughter and cares for his son; however, Veronica and Keith realize Jake’s true villainous potential. For instance, he framed someone else for his daughter’s murder and his secret organization released a sex tape of Veronica.

Jake doesn’t appear in the movie revival, so his update is long overdue. With Veronica investigating a new case, Jake could be that missing connection to some of the more powerful 09ers in town. And if Celeste returns as well, that reunion could be an awkward battle of the exes.

 Trina Echolls

Trina Echolls visiting her brother Logan and discovering Kendall.
Trina doesn't need words. Her expression says it all.

Not all returnees have to be characters filled with drama and intensity against Veronica. Logan’s adopted older sister Trina is the perfect comic relief to bring back because she creates humor in everything she says. Trina’s overdramatic, theatrical personality works its way into her life as she strives to stay in the public eye. This need to be the center of attention, unfortunately, causes some tension with her brother — their sibling dynamic is more about snide remarks than love.

Trina only appears in three episodes of Veronica Mars, which is a shame because the character is one of the funniest guest stars. Alyson Hannigan shines with her comedic timing and quirky portrayal. If Trina did return, we’d get more GIF-worthy scenes of her bubbly friendship with Veronica, and we’d find out if she did make it big in Hollywood. Trina wouldn’t give up on her A-list dream that easy!

Lilly Kane

Lilly Kane in one of Veronica Mars' daydreams saying goodbye.
Her legend will always live on.

A Veronica Mars wish list couldn’t be complete without the character that started it all. Wild child heiress Lilly Kane, who is Veronica’s former best friend, tragically dies before the series starts in a mysterious murder that rocks the town of Neptune. The first season centers on Veronica and her father searching for Lilly’s killer, as well as seeking redemption for their reputation in town. Lilly’s murder mystery is a tangled web of lies and surprises, to say the least.

Amanda Seyfried adds so much lightness and heart to the role of Lilly Kane. In every flashback between Veronica and Lilly, you can feel the love between these two best friends, and how heartbroken Veronica is not having her BFF around. Lilly returning for another flashback or hallucination in the reboot would be an amazing nod to the original series. It’s been over 10 years since Lilly’s death, and a cameo would show that Veronica hasn’t forgotten her past or who inspired her to solve cases.

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