‘Voltron’: 5 Things We Want to See Happen Back on Earth in Season 7

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SPOILER ALERT: Warning, this article contains spoilers from Season 6 of Voltron: Legendary Defender. Proceed at your own risk.

The sixth season of Voltron: Legendary Defender left Team Voltron in quite the lurch. The gang managed to stop Lotor, but they had to sacrifice the Castle of Lions in the process to save the universe. To say it was heartbreaking to see the last true bit of the planet Altea get destroyed is an understatement. But now that the Paladins have no home in outer space, they’re heading back to their home planet — Earth. Here are the five things that we want to see happen in Season 7 when they land on good ol’ terra firma.

Castle of Lions 2.0

Castle of Lions meets its fate

The Castle of Lions may have been sacrificed in the latest season of Voltron: Legendary Defender, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. In fact, that’s the main reason that the team is heading back home. Before Sam, Pidge’s dad, left for Earth last season, Coran gave him the plans for the Castle.

Assuming that Sam still has the plans, we’ll likely see Coran start to rebuild the Castle of Lions. It’ll be interesting to see if he can find the materials he needs on Earth, or if the Paladins will have to fly out into space for them. Plus, the chance to tweak the Castle’s designs will allow for new stories to be told. It certainly needs an upgrade or two.

An Arm for an Arm

Keith just cut off Shiro's Galra arm

Season 6 of Voltron: Legendary Defender confirmed what many of us suspected — Shiro was a clone. Luckily, they were able to recover the real Shiro, but not without a cost. During the Paladins battle against their enemy in “The Black Paladins,” Keith cut off Shiro’s prosthetic Galra arm. The act removed clone Shiro but also almost permanently damaged his body.

Allura was able to return his spirit to his body, but his arm was never repaired. What better time to replace it than while on Earth? He could get a regular prosthetic arm from an Earth doctor, or maybe Coran, Pidge, and Hunk will make him a special Altean arm, one with powers for good. Either way, he’ll have plenty of time to get this done as he waits for Coran to rebuild the Castle of Lions.

Reunions for Everyone

The Holts saying goodbye to each other...for now

Sure, we all know the Paladins have business to take care of back on Earth, but we also want them to prioritize what truly matters. It’s time for the team to visit their families. Sam brought back the Paladins’ messages for their loved ones when he returned to Earth, but beats seeing them in the flesh.

There are two moments, in particular, we can’t wait to see next season. The first is the Holt family finally reuniting (hopefully, Pidge will bring Matt back as well). The second is Lance visiting his family, as he’s been the most homesick. It’ll also be interesting to see how Krolia will react to all the changes in her life, including her husband’s death, while on Earth. Have your tissues ready. We expect plenty of tears, hugs, and stories from everyone.

Culture Shock

Coran and Allura learn how milkshakes are made

Other than Krolia, there will be a few more first-time Earth visitors making this trip, namely our Alteans. We’ve already seen Coran and Allura react to some of the Earth customs the Paladins brought to space with them, but they’re about to get a full dose of Earth culture right from the source.

Remember how they reacted with sheer terror when they saw Lance milk Kaltenecker? We can only imagine what would happen if they saw an entire farm of cows or discovered ice cream. But we also hope the Paladins’ families will readily accept them as if they were their own because these Alteans deserve all the love.

Back Where It All Began

Galaxy Garrison on Earth

Hopefully, we’ll get an update from the Galaxy Garrison when Voltron: Legendary Defender returns next season. While the Garrison hasn’t been the kindest to the team, they’ll be crucial in the fight to protect Earth when the war finally reaches them. Will they believe Sam’s report about the war and already be prepared when the team arrives? How will they react to Voltron and real-life aliens? And, most importantly, will Shiro get his revenge against Commander Iverson for strapping him to a table?

We have no doubt that the war against the Galra Empire will make its way to Earth, especially with Sendak leading the way. But let’s hope our heroes get some rest and recuperation in the meantime. Who knows? Perhaps there will even be a parade.

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