‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’: 5 Questions We Need Answered in Its Final Season

Chrissie Miille
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Season 7 of Voltron: Legendary Defender was incredible in every sense of the word. We met so many new characters, each with unique personalities to get invested in. We also saw the fall of Sendak, one of Team Voltron’s greatest remaining threats. Season 8 will surely be an emotional one as the series wraps up, but there’s still plenty of questions for it to answer before then. Here are some of our most pressing questions for the final season of Voltron.

Where Are All the Alteans?

Allura, Coran, and Romelle
Allura, Coran, and Romelle are surprised to hear the Altean colony is missing.

One of the biggest mysteries left in the show involves Alteans. The Altean that we see in the Komar Robeast leaves Season 7 on a cliffhanger. Besides them, there’s also the Altean colony Lotor set up beyond the quantum abyss. We don’t see this colony in Season 7 though. The most we hear about it is in “The Ruins,” when Keith asks Kolivan if he found the colony. Kolivan explains that he sent a team of Blade of Marmora members to investigate it, but when they got there, the facility was empty.

When you look at the Robeast the cliffhanger Altean is in, it’s easy to deduce that Haggar created it. By that logic, she probably took the Altean colony as well. But where did she take them? What is she doing with the rest of them? Is she planning to make more Altean-powered Robeasts, or will she harvest their quintessence for other uses? Whatever the answers, we hope Team Voltron can save them next season.

Get Ready for Haggar

Haggar in the dark
Where did Haggar go?

Haggar herself is proving to be quite a mystery as well. Aside from her dream appearance in “The Feud!,” Haggar is only mentioned twice in Season 7 in “The Ruins.” Macidus says that no one knows what happened to Haggar after Voltron disappeared. Apparently, though, her Druids carried out her final orders of destroying the Blade of Marmora. But after Macidus exposes himself as one of her Druids, he tells Keith, “Our high priestess, Haggar, has forsaken us because of your treachery. But after I kill you and the other Paladins, Haggar will allow me to return!”

There’s an air of cryptic ambiguity to Macidus’s words. He probably does know what happened to Haggar, but that opens up the question again: what did happen? We can guess that she took the Altean colony. But where did she go? In recent seasons, she’s been getting long-lost memories back, and they almost seem to have softened her. She’s gained maternal feelings for her son, Lotor. Is she going to try to rescue him from the quintessence field Voltron left him in? Also, what is the “treachery” Macidus talks about? It’s hard to determine what that means, but our early guess is that Haggar blames Voltron for turning Lotor into a monster with quintessence.

Is Love in the Air on Earth?

Allura and Lance
Allura wants Lance to be safe on the mission ... and so do we!

We saw the development of some relationships this season, two in particular that have been a big topic of debate. First, Keith encounters and saves Acxa in “The Way Forward.” Ezor and Zethrid tease Acxa about liking Keith during their fight. And while Acxa hasn’t confirmed or denied anything, we see her walking up to Keith at the end of the season. At the same time, it seems that Allura’s starting to reciprocate Lance’s feelings that he’s had for her since the beginning of the series. We see Allura blush as she tells Lance to “stay safe out there” before a mission, and Veronica teases him about how cute Allura is.

The question is how will these relationships play out in Season 8. Is Acxa walking up to Keith in “Lions’ Pride, Part 2” to tell him that she likes him? Or is there some completely unrelated secret that she wants to tell him? Will Allura and Lance pursue their feelings for each other? Voltron‘s focus hasn’t been on romance in general, so it’ll be interesting to see if that changes in Season 8. Will these relationships develop further, or will they follow a different path, possibly with different people?

Is the War Over?

Keith killed Sendak
This shot parallels that shot of Zarkon killing Alfor long ago, at the start of the war.

Season 7, thankfully, sees the defeat of Sendak. He brings the Galra war to Earth in “The Last Stand, Part 2” and wreaks havoc until the penultimate episode. Keith kills him with a swing of his sword Bayard, and the Earth is safe, at least from the war. The Voltron Coalition is now based on Earth, and things seem to have settled down a bit.

But is that the actual end of the Galra war? There was a huge power vacuum left in Lotor’s wake. Sendak had one of the biggest factions of deserters, but there were other factions as well. Is there another Galra warlord out there plotting to attack Voltron and take over the empire? On the flip side, will Team Voltron focus more on liberating enslaved planets next season? Are they going to be more on Earth or in space? We know the team won’t rest until the universe is truly free.

Saying Goodbye

The Lions and the Coalition
We've got one more season with these proud lions ...

As much as it hurts to say it, Voltron will be ending with Season 8. We’ll be getting a lot of answers in that time, but … how exactly will the series end? Will the end focus on the main team we’ve known all series long, or will it include everybody from the Coalition to the Garrison? Will it go full-circle and have the characters reflect on their adventures, much like they did in “Stayin’ Alive” in Season 2? We’re also bound to see a bunch of opportunities for future spin-offs unfold. One of the big possibilities to look out for is if there’ll be a new generation of Paladins for Voltron.

However Voltron ends, there’s bound to be tears and cheers. While we are ready to get answers to our questions in Season 8, we are not ready to say goodbye. We’ve all been there every step of the way with our favorite Paladins, and we’ll be there to the end.

Chrissie Miille
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