‘The Walking Dead’ Finale: Fans Shook By Negan’s Fate and That Secret Meeting!

Corey Denis
TV The Walking Dead
TV The Walking Dead

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 16 entitled “Wrath.” Proceed with caution.

The Walking Dead Season 8 finale just aired, and it was complicated to say the least.

Halfway through the season, Carl’s death signaled a turning point in the “All Out War” that had raged on unnecessarily long. Meanwhile, Jadis’ backstory emerged, and so did her sweet studio apartment, suitcase, mysterious walkie-talkie, and an unknown connection to a helicopter. Still, the overarching arc in The Walking Dead Season 8 has been about Negan, and Rick’s vow to kill him. Even Carl had something to say about it. But while Season 8 Episode 16 “Wrath” gave fans what they wanted by closing the Rick vs Negan storyline, the finale left fans scratching their heads in suspense. Between laughter and the occasional typical TWD tears that fans usually cry, the Season 8 finale turned #SurvivorSunday into #WTFSunday in less than 75 minutes.

Death of a Bromance 😥

Rick took Carl’s advice. He is building a new world, and instead of killing Negan, he’s going keep Negan alive in it, albeit with a major injury. Rick slit Negan’s throat in an MMA-style brawl but decided not to kill him. Maggie wasn’t too pleased and ICYMI, neither was Daryl. The Season 8 finale ends with a clandestine meeting on the Hilltop, with Maggie, Daryl and Jesus plotting to stand against Rick. Looks like Rickyl has come to an end, and we’re going to have to learn to stop ‘shipping Daryl and Rick. Fans are bummed, they made a great duo and it’s a lot of fun to say Rickyl.

But Jerry & Ezekiel’s Bromance Will Give You Friendship Goals 👬

Somebody give these two a spinoff because the Internet will watch. While Daryl and Rick just went through a breakup, fans couldn’t get enough of Jerry and Ezekiel. Sharpening their weapons, the two discussed the future and made the Internet smile.

Thanks to Jerry, Ezekiel also dropped the next #WednesdayWisdom quote for every TWD fan.

To justify everything we’ve lost, we must risk losing everything. – Ezekiel

That Kid With Blue Hair Tho

There’s no way around it. When that kid with blue hair called Negan “Hefe” the entire Internet asked the same question: where did that kid get blue hair dye? And: How is his hair blue when blue washes out faster than any other color? There’s no answer. Only laughs. We’ll never know the answer, because thanks to Eugene, he won’t need hair dye anytime soon.


Turns out Eugene Porter isn’t a coward, he’s a genius. Fans thought it was possible for Eugene to come around, but the idea still seemed like a red herring. Until it didn’t. For the first time since “All Out War,” everyone loves Eugene again. And they should — he rigged The Saviors’ bullets and saved Hilltop from destruction.

Will Eugene’s returned sense of loyalty to his (former, now current) friends last? Either way, Alexandria has their bullet-maker back, and the Saviors have joined the Hilltop.

My Enemy, My Friend

Daryl gave Dwight everything he needed to start his own spinoff alongside the Jerry and Ezekiel show. Instead of killing Dwight, he set him free with everything he needs to find Sherry. Problem is, he also banned Dwight from returning to Hilltop ever again.

Dwight isn’t the first character to leave on a quest and return, and this is The Walking Dead. He’ll be back, right?

Maggie Is Scary Now

There’s a new villain on the Hilltop, and she’s a widow. The Season 8 finale reveals Maggie is not only tearing apart the Rick-Daryl bromance, she’s plotting a coup against Rick. She wants Negan dead, and Rick’s old storyline became her new storyline. Maggie is completely driven by revenge (and maybe some pregnancy hormones?).

While Maggie wants revenge against the man who made her a widow, is planning a coup against Rick any different than behaving like Negan? Fans debated.

Given that some fans want to see her kill Rick, she may be more like Negan than Negan ever was.

It’s Complicated

The complications of Season 8 carve out new stories for Season 9. Maggie is ready to start a coup against Rick for saving his enemy, because she has become more like her enemy than her leader. Will it work, or are Maggie, Jesus, and Daryl more similar to Negan than the rest of their community? What’s up with Jadis and that helicopter? Will Dwight find Sherry? Whatever happens between now and Season 9, Jerry and Ezekiel are sure to provide enough memes to keep us busy while we wait for the premiere.

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