Watch This | ‘The Bad Batch’

Adam Witt
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They’re a group of specially trained operatives on the run against everyone when they’re betrayed… but that’s enough about 50% of the movies from the 80s – we’re here to talk about The Bad Batch. The series is in full swing, but with an end in sight and the agonising 7 days between sweet, sweet episodes, those of us with an entirely healthy obsession (seriously I can quit any time I like) could do with some guidance on what to watch in order to scratch that Bad Batch itch.

Check out our video where we break down the most important elements that make The Bad Batch and suggest other movies and shows that hit those same notes.

Adam Witt
Adam Witt is a Fandom video writer and a Star Wars trivia competitor for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. When not talking about movies he can be found talking about Harrison Ford on The Movie Guys Podcast - The Ford Fiesta.