‘Westworld’ Debuts a New India-Themed Park

Lauren Gallaway

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the Westworld Season 2 episode “Virtù e Fortuna.” Proceed with caution.

This week’s episode of Westworld definitely picked up the pace from the last two episodes. Not only did the series finally reveal a new world, but it also showcased an all out war against Dolores and her men. Peter Abernathy also resurfaced in this episode, with both Dolores and Charlotte desperate to find and save him. Teddy also had a moment of “virtue” where he defied one of Dolores’ direct orders. Let’s jump into some of the best moments from the episode:

Welcome to Bengal Tiger World

Westworld New Land

This week’s episode opened with our first glimpse of a new world. This world seems to be based on India. Some theories suggest this could be Raj World — Raj refereeing to the time of British sovereignty in India. The hosts and guests were dressed in the traditional hunting clothes of the British/Indian safari. Two new characters met, tested each other to see if they were human and host, and set out on their hunt.

The new female character noticed that something was off right away when no hosts were there to great them on their hunt. A rogue host killed the man and a Bengal tiger almost killed her. The tiger chased her right over the edge of a cliff and into the water. This could be how the Bengal tiger washed up on the opposite side of the shore in the Season 2 premiere. The woman did survive, but not for long.

The time between this Bengal tiger escaping and Bernard finding it on the shore should be 10 days. We briefly saw that day again, when Bernard and Charlotte reunited, but the rest of this episode seems to take place on Day 2 or Day 3 of the purge.

The Reunions Continue

Westworld Dolores Bernard

Last week’s episode, which was titled “Reunions,” featured a lot of characters re-connecting again, like Dolores and Maeve, Dolores and young William, and Dolores and Logan. This week, however, also featured two more very powerful reunion moments: Dolores found her father, Peter Abernathy. Peter was killed during the very first episode of Westworld. When Dolores found him in this episode, she shed many tears upon seeing him again.

Peter Abernathy is the reason Dolores was put on her current journey when he said to her, “these violent delights have violent ends.” While he remembered her for a moment, he began to stutter and lose grip of himself. What Dolores didn’t know when she found him was that his systems were full of information, information that Charlotte put into him.

Dolores also reunited with Bernard during this episode. Dolores took Bernard to Abernathy, to see if he could fix him. This led to a very interesting conversation between them about the world outside the park. As we saw last week, Dolores remembers being outside — Bernard, however, doesn’t know that world yet.

When Bernard hacked into Abernathy’s systems, he found Charlotte’s hidden files. Bernard lost Abernathy however when the Delos team came for him at Dolores’ protected fort. Charlotte escaped with Abernathy, which put Dolores on a new quest to find him. Abernathy is now the most important host in the park, for both Dolores and Delos.

Teddy’s Choice

Westworld Teddy Dolores

Over the last few episodes, Teddy has been more and more reluctant to follow Dolores’ death orders. He isn’t quite sure who or what he is, but he is discovering his own voice, just like Dolores has found hers. During this episode, Teddy was ordered to shot a group of unarmed men — men who just helped Dolores survive a Delos incursion. Teddy refused to do it, which proves that he may not be #TeamDolores for the entire season.

Next Week On Westworld

Westworld Maeve

The final shot of the episode featured Maeve, Hector, Lee and Armistice exploring the Klondike storyline at the edge of the Westworld park. While trudging through the snow, they encountered a Samurai swordsman. This is the storyline fans have been waiting for since the first footage of Samurai World dropped over the summer. Hopefully next week’s episode will take Maeve fully into Samurai World.

Westworld is currently airing on HBO.

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