‘Westworld’ Season 2 Super Bowl Trailer: Long Live the Revolution

Lauren Gallaway
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When Westworld debuted in 2016, it was the talk of the town. Social media channels were buzzing about time travel theories and the oh so elusive “Man in Black.” When the finale aired, fans were left reeling over the revelations about Dolores, the Park, everything.

While Season 2 isn’t due until later this year, the first look at the new season debuted during Superbowl LII. Let’s dive into it:

Back to Westworld

Looks like the revolution is well underway. Dolores and Maeve are heading up this new world after the tumultuous events of last season’s finale. It looks like they might even be utilizing the robotic animals of Westworld to aid in their war. Awesome. Robo bulls are never a bad thing to have on your show.

And it looks like the Man in Black will still be around to cause trouble for our artificial characters. Is he trapped in Westworld now? Or does he not want to leave? Plenty of questions to ask, and the new season looks like it has even more mysteries to unravel.

Westworld will air later on April 22 on HBO.

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