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Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Stranger Things Season 2.

While Stranger Things Season 2 gave us more of the same — and let’s face it, it was more of the things that we loved about Season 1 — in terms of advancing the story, it moved at a snail’s pace. We’ve been left with a lot of the residual questions from Season 1 unanswered and even more questions added to the list.

With that in mind, here’s what we want Season 3 to bring.

Justice for Bob

Bob dates Joyce in Stranger Things 2 and he's adorable.

Never mind ‘Justice for Barb’, what about ‘Justice for Bob’? While Barb got some justice in Season 2 — she had a funeral, even if the official cause of death was announced as asphyxiation from a chemical leak — Bob invests a great deal into being an everyman hero only to fall victim to a bloodthirsty band of demogorgons. Ugh. At this exact moment, I declared war on Stranger Things unless we see some retribution for his death.

The lovable founder of the school’s AV Club and adoring/adorable new boyfriend of Will‘s mum, Joyce Byers, Bob was one of the best things about Season 2. Duffer Brothers — let’s avenge his death in Season 3, please.

Eleven’s Real Dad

Stranger Things-Hopper
Hopper plays surrogate father to Eleven in Season 2.

We know who Eleven‘s mother is. And Elle got to track her down in Season 2, only to find a woman destroyed by the ‘treatments’ carried out on her. But having connected with Terry Ives, Eleven — aka Jane — has learned a lot more about her background, including the fact that she was held in Dr. Brenner’s facility alongside another girl, named Kali, who was also subjected to experiments.

She calls Matthew Modine’s Brenner ‘Papa’, and in Season 2, Hopper acts as her surrogate father. But who is Eleven’s biological father? Could it, indeed, be Brenner, or is it somebody else? Could Kali, her ‘lost sister’ be her blood sister? And what about the other test subjects? Could they all be related? Give us answers!

The Rest of the Test Subjects

Stranger Things Kali
Kali is test subject number 8.

While Eleven is, ahem, number 11 with the tattoo to prove it, Kali, the ‘lost sister’ she meets in Episode 7 is number 8. All of the test subjects that were part of Dr. Brenner’s experiments appear to have been numbered. But what of numbers 1 to 7, and 9 and 10? And are there any beyond that?

With the introduction of Kali, we know that her powers are different to those of Eleven. While Eleven is able to shift objects with her mind, Kali can project realistic visions into the imaginations of the people around her. What could other test subjects be capable of?

More From Kali and the Punk Gang

Stranger Things 2
Eleven with Kali and the punk gang.

Kali’s gang was only touched on, and we’d like to learn more about this band of outcasts and misfits that carry out acts of vengeance on Kali’s behalf. In fact, there’s a whole article dedicated to them here.

Another New Look for Eleven

stranger things eleven punk
Eleven looking very cool.

From shaven-headed oddball through demure pink dress and blonde hair in Season 1, to curly-topped teen through slicked-back tough girl in Season 2, we’re looking forward to seeing Eleven’s look develop again in Season 3. Into what style, we don’t mind — but we do ask that you surprise us, Duffers!

Dr. Brenner

What has Dr. Brenner been up to?

Seen in Eleven’s vision implanted by Kali in Season 2, we learned that Dr. Brenner is still alive following the events of Season 1. In Season 3 we want to see him tracked down and confronted, and to find out what he’s been up to all this time.

The Other Incubators Revealed

Stranger Things Dart
Baby Dart.

Just as Will ‘gives birth’ to the slug that grows into Dart at the end of Season 1, there must be other people used as incubators like Will to reproduce the demogorgons. In Season 2, we see a whole brood of fledgling demogorgons running around but we only see Will vomit up one. So where did the others come from? Are there other people in Hawkins who fell victim to Season 1’s monster? And if so where are they and what happened to them? Are they still in the Upside Down? Tell us, dammit!

More from the Mind Flayer

stranger Things-Mind Flayer
The Mind Flayer.

We’ve only seen glimpses of the extent of this new super-monster’s nefarious power. It’s demonstrated that it is able to possess Will’s mind and control him, at the same time as dominating the infant demogorgons. But with the main focus of Season 2 on battling demogorgons again, we’re pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of the Mind Flayer. And hey, the final scene all but confirmed that. So what else has this creature got in store for the residents of Hawkins, and beyond? Season 3 will hopefully reveal all.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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