What’s the Early Buzz on ‘Deadpool’?

Drew Dietsch
Movies Marvel
Movies Marvel

As I’ve said beforeDeadpool could bring about some big changes in the superhero cinema world. Its raunchy humor, wanton violence, and self-aware sensibilities make it poised to deliver something we haven’t seen yet when it comes to spandex-wearing do-gooders. But will the film be any good?

Fans in New York and Los Angeles were treated to a surprise screening of the film under the guise of an extended preview. This was a great strategy by the film’s marketing team since primarily fans of the property would show up to such an event. The response to the film? Overwhelmingly positive, with quite a few of the attendees labeling it “the best Marvel movie.”


Now, of course this was a room full of surprised Deadpool fans, but that’s the audience that this movie was made for: the fans. Whether the film will be able to branch out to a mainstream audience remains to be seen, but if you love the character of Wade Wilson you should put your mind at ease. From these test screenings, the consensus is a resounding “Yes!”

Start cooking up some chimichangas. Deadpool breaks your fourth wall on February 12.

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