Which LEGO Ninjago Character Are You?

Anthony O'Connor
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Have you ever wondered which LEGO Ninjago character you are? Which spinjitzu-practicing, hero you most resemble? Wonder no more, because we’ve tapped into our inner balance and spun this definitive, and extremely epic, quiz that will answer the question once and for all! So, brave warriors, get ready to discover the secrets and unlock your True Potential…

Meet the LEGO Ninjago team below:


Kai is skilful, loyal, and very focused on family – he’s also a bit of a hothead at times! Sometimes he’s so focused on saving the world that he ignores the sage advice of Master Wu when he’s helping!

After all, he’ll need all of his skills if he hopes to defeat Serpentine sorceress Aspheera’s huge, fire-spitting snake, Fire Fang! He uses his silver-coloured katana and needs to be careful of Fire Fang’s swiping, rattling tail and stud shooters. If he defeats Aspheera, he’ll be able to reclaim the powerful scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Good luck, ninja!

Kai will be able to wield his silver-coloured katana, ‘powered up’ hood, and tornado spinner to defeat Fire Fang’s deadly attacks in the LEGO Ninjago “Fire Fang” playset.


Cole doesn’t like to waste time talking when actions speak so much louder. Speaking of loud, he loves cranking the tunes in his robot suit! While he may not be a dazzling conversationalist, he’s strong and brave and a good friend.

He’ll need all of those positive attributes – and plenty of weapons – when he visits the Castle of the Forsaken Emperor. He’ll need to battle against the Ice Emperor, General Vex, and the Blizzard Samurai warriors all across the dangerous, frozen castle. Get ready to kick some butt, ninja!

Cole will fight the Ice Emperor, General Vex, and the Blizzard Samurai warriors in an ice castle battleground in the LEGO Ninjago “Castle of the Forsaken Emperor” playset.


Even though he’s less showy than some of his friends, he’s still got a whole lot to offer. He’s brave and friendly and like to bring out the best in people, but sometimes he needs to work on his timing. Oh and, look, there’s still hope for him and Nya, just as long as he can be patient!

He’s going to need all that patience, and finely-honed ninja skills, when he takes out the Land Bounty truck and battle snake queen Aspheera’s deadly Pyro Vipers! Use the shuriken slicers, rotating cannon and detachable flyer to have the fight be on your own terms. You’ve got this, ninja!

Jay will have a movable HQ with the Land Bounty truck, capable of exciting road battles with Aspheera’s Pyro Vipers in the versatile LEGO Ninjago “Land Bounty” playset.


He’s good at what he does and has no problem telling people about his skills. But what he lacks in humility, he makes up for with being awesome! Yeah, his father’s a supervillain but his friends are the best and will always have his back.

You know what else will have his back? A gigantic mech suit! Perfect for getting the edge in epic battles between Lloyd and the Blizzard Samurai. Because you know what’s better than a normal katana? A GIANT KATANA. Get ready to be awesome, ninja!

Lloyd will bring the fight to the Blizzard Samurai when he straps into the Titan Mech, with multiple armaments and a giant sword, all inside the LEGO Ninjago “Lloyd’s Titan Mech” playset.

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