Which Marvel Villains Could Return in Phase Four?

Drew Dietsch
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Phase Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is gearing up and we’ve been thinking about the villains that are still out there. Could any of them be showing up in the next phase of the MCU? We’ve compiled eight baddies that could be making a return in the next stretch of Marvel movies and television shows.

Baron Zemo

We’re starting with Helmut Zero because he actually is returning! Confirmed for the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Baron Zemo will be coming back in some capacity. Will he be dispatched in the first season of the new show? Or could his return signal bigger plans for what’s going to happen in Phase Four? Whatever the case may be, Baron Zemo’s reappearance is validation that the MCU will be looking back at its villains to see who might be up for another round. (Watch Now on Disney+)


When thinking about the possible big bads for Phase Four, one of the strongest candidates has to be the Dread One, Dormammu. Last seen in Doctor Strange(Watch Now on Disney+) this almighty god of the Dark Dimension isn’t likely to have forgotten his embarrassing defeat at the hands of the now Sorcerer Supreme. With nearly limitless power (and a really cool design), Dormammu is a villain we would love to see make a big return to the MCU.


Now, this is going to take some explaining. We saw Loki die at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War(Watch Now on Disney+) but another version of him in an alternate timeline survived and escaped with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame(Watch Now on Disney+) We know that this Loki will be getting the spotlight in his own Disney+ series, but what happens after the events in that show have concluded? It’s possible that Loki could find a way to return to the regular timeline and continue to cause trouble for our heroes.

Justin Hammer

We haven’t seen the cocky weapons manufacturer in a long, long time. He was sent to prison after the conclusion of Iron Man 2, (Watch Now on Disney+) and we haven’t heard much from him since. Outside of a brief appearance in a Marvel One-Shot short film, he’s been completely missing from the MCU. With Tony Stark now out of the picture, could Justin Hammer return to the tech world and end up as a foil for Tony’s successor, Peter Parker?


Carol Danvers’s commander and betrayer was still kicking at the end of Captain Marvel,(Watch Now on Disney+) and it’s almost certain he’ll have some role to play in the story going forward. His defeat and disgrace is definitely going to be a sore spot for him, and considering that the Kree-Skrull conflict is still ongoing, it’s likely that he’ll be doing his best to add any irritation he can into Carol’s life.

Red Skull

Here’s a really interesting one to think about. It was a surprise to see the Red Skull return in Avengers: Infinity War (Watch Now on Disney+) as the guardian of one of the Infinity Stones. However, the Infinity Stones have now all been destroyed by Thanos in the prime timeline. Where does that leave the Red Skull? Is he just going to stick around on Vormir and float around for the rest of his days? With the Soul Stone destroyed, it’s possible that the Red Skull could now be freed from his curse.

Scorpion & Vulture

At the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, both the Vulture and the Scorpion met up in prison and hinted at a possible team-up in the future. Though that didn’t happen in the sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home, the Vulture and the Scorpion are both still out there. Fans have been clamoring for Spider-Man to face his most famous villain team, the Sinister Six, and these two are key members in that gang.

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