‘Rogue One’ Director Would Bring Back K-2SO in a Spin-Off

Kim Taylor-Foster
Movies Star Wars
Movies Star Wars

Further to our feature on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story spin offs we’d love to see, director Gareth Edwards has revealed the identity of the character he’d most like to see make a return. And it corresponds with one of our spin-off ideas.

“Kaytoo,” he says. “Because then you have a lot of options.”

Rogue One K2SO

K-2SO, to give him his full name, is the former imperial droid reprogrammed to serve the rebel alliance. He emerged as a fan favourite from the film, with his droll retorts and hilariously spiky relationship with the film’s hero, Jyn Erso.

If you’re one of the few that hasn’t seen Rogue One yet, a spoiler follows.

Sadly, as with most of the characters in the film, he meets his end in Rogue One, during a battle with stormtroopers.

Edwards says that a film about K-2SO could be one of those options he mentions – partly because the character’s sense of humour would give them plenty to play with, and also because of the character’s popularity. Meaning there’s enough there to spin out into a full-length feature, and it would most likely find an audience.

But when he says “options” he intimates that a TV series or other avenue could also be worth exploring.

“I think everyone was sad to see Kaytoo go,” says Edwards.

The K-2SO spin-off we’d like to see involves delving into what he was like as an imperial droid before he was reprogrammed by the rebels, in an artificial intelligence movie. The film would be a sci-fi thriller featuring a robot revolt. Although, Alan Tudyk who plays K-2SO in the film, spoke about teaming K-2SO up with his human counterpart, Cassian Andor, in a buddy comedy, which could also work.

Edwards doesn’t dismiss other Rogue One characters, though: “I think they would all deserve their own little moment in the spotlight again.”

Could a Rogue One spin-off film be something we’ll see in the future? The film and characters have certainly proved popular enough. We’ll have to wait and see.

‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ is available now in the US on Digital Download and on DVD and Blu-ray. In the UK, it’s available on all formats on April 10.

Kim Taylor-Foster
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