Who is Batwoman, the CW’s New Crossover Character?

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Stephen Amell announced back in May that Gotham City heroine Katherine Kane AKA Batwoman will be introduced during the next Arrowverse Crossover. The CW announced this week that she will be portrayed by LGBTQ actress Ruby Rose.

Ruby Rose is best known for her work in John Wick 2, Orange is the New Black, and Pitch Perfect 3.

Amell’s announcement came during The CW Upfronts New York City, back in May of 2018.

According to EW, Amell called her appearance “terrific” and confirmed that crossover would air in December, similar to the previous crossovers. CW boss Mark Pedowitz called the crossover “full-throttled” and “action-packed” and confirmed that the network is indeed “adding the city of Gotham into the Arrowverse”.

So, who is Batwoman? Why will she be a good fit for the Arrowverse? And why add her to the shows now? Let’s jump into Kate Kane’s comic book history and why Gotham City is finally ready for more than just a name drop in the Arrowverse.

Who is Batwoman?


Katherine Kane has a very interesting history in the comics. She was introduced in Detective Comics in the 1950s but wasn’t featured prominently until the mid-2000s. Kane grew up in a strong military family, with parents who served in the armed forces. After the tragic death of her mother and twin sister, Kate applied for West Point Military Academy. Despite thriving in the Academy, she was dishonorably discharged for engaging in a same-sex relationship with another student.

After West Point, Kate was lost and reckless. She returned to Gotham City to live a socialite’s life, since her father had remarried quite wealthy. It was in Gotham that she began her crusade as a local crime fighter and vigilante. She teamed up with Nightwing, who showed her the ropes around Gotham.

During her time as a superhero, Kate has been a member of the Female Furies, the Batman family, Gotham Knights, Colony, and the D.E.O. In the comics, Kate has made appearances in Dark Knights Metal, Detective Comics Rebirth, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey, and her current on-going series, Batwoman Rebirth.

Gotham City Finally on Arrow


Apparently, the CW believes that its time to bring Gotham to Arrow. Why would they make this decision now? It’s likely because the FOX series, Gotham, will be airing its final season next Fall/Spring. That leaves the door wide open to bring any characters from Gotham City — heroes or villains — onto the Arrowverse shows.

While movie characters like Batman and Batgirl are off the table, Batwoman is great character to bring over now. First of all, she’s a woman. Gotham is usually a boys club, so having a woman from the Dark Knight’s city is a refreshing change. She’s also gay, which shows that The CW is making good on its promise to bring more LGBTQ inclusion to the Arrowverse. She’s also a powerful fighter, a fantastic detective, and a skilled interrogator. Whatever the crossover storyline is this year, our heroes will need her.

The Arrowverse shows will all return to The CW this fall.

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