Who Is the Villain in ‘Incredibles 2’?

Adam Salandra
Movies Disney
Movies Disney

SPOILER ALERT: Warning, this article contains major spoilers about the Incredibles 2 villain. Proceed at your own risk.

Incredibles 2 opens at the exact moment where the original film left off, with The Underminer overtaking the city in an attempt to rob banks and disrupt the peace.

And while the villain helps make for an exciting opening action sequence, we soon discover he’s not the real evil mastermind that the Parr family has to worry about.

But before Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are introduced to their new nemesis, they meet telecommunications tycoon Winston Deavor and his sister, Evelyn, who want to help the crimefighting couple make superheroes legal again. And while the patriarch is forced to stay home and watch the children, the Deavors ask Elastigirl to take down bad guys so that they can publicize how important Supers are to society.

Who Is the Main Incredibles 2 Villain?

The Screenslaver from Incredibles 2
The Screenslaver from 'Incredibles 2'

On Elastigirl’s first mission, she’s forced to stop a runaway train after its conductor was hypnotized by the city’s newest villain, The Screenslaver.

The brand new baddie wears a mask with hypnotic goggles and a voice modifier, forcing innocent bystanders to commit crimes in order to get the attention of Elastigirl and the rest of the Supers.

The Screenslaver is meant to represent society’s attachment to screens in the modern world, with the villain often lamenting that humans no longer experience actual moments in their lives.

But it’s not until our heroes discover the real identity of The Screenslaver that they’re able to truly stop the supervillain.


Who Is the Real Screenslaver?

In between missions, Elastigirl spends time bonding with Evelyn over their roles as the women of their families and the two start to become friends. So it’s quite a twist when the identity of The Screenslaver turns out to be Evelyn herself. (To be fair, this was under our noses the whole time, as her name is Evelyn Deavor, you know, like, evil endeavor.)

incredibles 2
Evelyn and Winston Deavor

But why is Evelyn out to stop Supers for good? It all stems back to her father, as these things often do.

When Evelyn and Winston’s parents realized their house was being robbed by intruders years ago, their father ran to a private phone to call superheroes for help. But unfortunately he couldn’t get a hold of anyone in time, and the robbers fatally shot him.

If he hadn’t stopped to make the call, his parents may have been able to escape, which lead Evelyn to believe that Supers make people weak. She doesn’t think it’s smart for society to just rely on superheroes (or screens, for that matter), when they should be out living life for themselves. And thus, a supervillain is born.

She eventually hypnotizes a bunch of other Supers, including the Parr parents, in order to get them to cause mass destruction throughout the city. Her hope is that her evil actions make people turn against Supers for good.

But does The Screenslaver get away with her crimes? Is she successful in stopping the Supers for good? For the answer, you’ll have to watch Incredibles 2, which hits U.S. theaters on June 15 and will arrive in the U.K. on July 13.

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