‘Fear the Walking Dead’: The Best Weapon to Have in a Zombie Attack

Lawrence Yee
TV The Walking Dead
TV The Walking Dead

The world of Fear the Walking Dead and its sister show The Walking Dead is a very dangerous place.

Threats lurk around every corner, whether in undead or human form. So what’s the very best weapon to arm yourself with during the zombie apocalypse? Turns out one stands out among the rest: the axe. Madison Clark carried a hatchet in Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead, and Rick Grimes uses a handaxe in the current season of The Walking Dead.

An axe is a powerful slashing weapon that only requires one hand to wield (unlike, say, Michonne’s katana). It has greater reach and force than a short blade (like a dagger). There’s also the utilitarian value as well, chopping wood, rope, etc.

Whereas knives may be easier to find, they made not be able to penetrate bone or armor as well as an ax. Whereas a knife can stab and slash, axes are generally more effective. Axes do have the danger of getting lodged, but with enough momentum, an ax should be able to cleanly slice through.

Live to Fight Another Day

Sometimes it’s not about fighting the undead, but getting away from them. The professional bodyguards over at Draken Security recommend putting as much distance between you and your assailant as possible, with a well-placed shove or even better, a kick.

And if you want to really get range on your enemies, try a projectile weapon like a recurve bow. Unfortunately, bows require ammunition, light/visibility, and have a minimum range. The last thing you want to have is a zombie closing in close and being unable to let an arrow fly, or worse, run out of arrows.

Check out some more zombie fighting techniques in the video above, and be sure to watch Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead, on available now on home entertainment.

Season 4 of Fear premieres this April.

Lawrence Yee
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