All Rainbow Roads Lead to the Very First Nintendo-Themed ‘Fandom 5’

Lon Harris
Fandom 5 Games
Fandom 5 Games Super Mario Nintendo

Think you could ace a Nintendo trivia challenge without help, extra lives, or power-ups? Do you not just rule, by Hyrule? Then you’ll want to check out the latest episode of our trivia challenge, Fandom 5, where expert Nintendo knowledge was rewarded with coins. And not just pixellated cartoon gold coins! ACTUAL MONEY!

Here’s how it works: on each episode of Fandom 5, we ask contestants 5 questions about their favorite fandoms. In this case… you guessed it…  The Super Famicom. NO! I mean, Nintendo games and systems! Just Nintendo. But bear in mind, just like a Battletoads level, the questions get harder as you progress.

We select 8 players from the live chat room to compete, and anyone who gets 5 questions in a row right with no mistakes wins $150. Plus, one lucky contestant comes back at the end of each episode for a shot at a $500 cash prize!

There are more episodes of Fandom 5 on the way, and some are virtually guaranteed to be about your favorite shows, films, games, or SOMEthing. So stay tuned to, and follow us on Twitter, for updates on the next Fandom 5 challenge.

Lon Harris
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