Ready For Trivia, Player One? It’s PlayStation vs. XBox on ‘Fandom 5’!

Lon Harris
Fandom 5 Games
Fandom 5 Games Xbox PlayStation

PlayStation vs. XBox? It’s a dividing line running through the center of fandom, as intensely debated and hotly contested as Star Wars vs. Star Trek, PC vs. Mac, or even, dare we even Marvel vs. DC. But regardless of which side you come down on — the Bandicoots or the Battletoads — this week’s ‘Fandom 5’ had some questions that were just your speed. That’s right — half the show delved deep into the history and games of Microsoft’s XBox, while the other half was devoted exclusively to Sony’s PlayStation line-up. Two systems enter! One… well, both did leave, but fans both hardcore and casual alike had a chance to earn some money first!

Contestants on Fandom 5 answer a series of, you guessed it, 5 questions in a row, that get harder and harder as they go. Get all 5 right, and you walk away — or push your computer chair away, more accurately — with $150. But that’s not all! One lucky player will even get to return at the end of the show for a super-challenging final round that’s worth an additional $500. Why, that’s practically enough for a new XBox or PlayStation of you’re very own! (Tax not included.)

There are more episodes of Fandom 5 on the way, and some are virtually guaranteed to be about your favorite shows, films, games, or SOMEthing. So stay tuned to, and follow us on Twitter, for updates on the next Fandom 5 challenge.

Lon Harris
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