‘The Simpsons’ Knowledge Was Exchanged For Goods and Services on ‘Fandom 5’!

Lon Harris
Fandom 5 TV
Fandom 5 TV Animation

The latest episode of our trivia challenge series, Fandom 5, was packed full of cromulent info, as Fallout Boy enthusiasts from across the Web turned their Simpsons expertise into cold, hard cash.

The rules are simple: just answer five questions about your favorite fandom (in this case, you know… The Simpsons) and you remove the stone of shame and attach the stone of triumph. Plus win a prize! There’s just one catch though… you have to spend the night in a haunted house. Er, I mean, the questions get harder the further you go. Hey, it’s a standard clause.

We pick 8 players from the live chat room to compete; anyone who gets 5 questions in a row right with no mistakes wins $150. Plus, one lucky contestant comes back at the end of each episode for a shot at a $500 cash prize! Woo hoo!

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Lon Harris
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