7 Overlooked Games on Steam You Need to Download Right Now

Wilson Antonio
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Games PC Gaming

Tons of games come to Steam each week, but who has the time to sift through them all? It’s such a chore. However, those who don’t dive deep into Steam’s extensive catalog often miss out on some very creative titles. So, FANDOM created a list of the overlooked gems on Steam that deserve a download.


What would life be like if you have to start over every minute? Well, wonder no more because Minit lets you live out that fantasy. In Minit, players take control of an adorable, pixelated duck-person who finds an awesome sword while exploring. Unfortunately, the sword curses it with a 60-second lifespan. It’s up to you to find a way to break the curse.

But it will be challenging. At the end of each minute, the player dies and respawns at home. To continue their journey, players will need to find other houses to unlock spawn points further down the road. Players will also encounter various obstacles along the way that can only be cleared with certain items (e.g., watering cans and coffee). Test your luck by trying to create the quickest route to victory without getting killed by monsters.

Pit People

By mixing together quirky art, chaotic humor, and cartoon violence, The Behemoth created a signature style that propelled their games Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers to success. Now, Pit People, a turn-based strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world, carries on this tradition.

In Pit People, players must take any remaining survivors and turn them into an army to take over whatever remains of the planet. Use your forces to defeat all your enemies to continue your conquest. But first, make sure you build an army that utilizes each member’s — who range from zombies to robots — strengths and weaknesses. A balanced army is key to victory over all!

Candleman: The Complete Journey

Despite the others may think, it is possible to successfully combine the cute and the creepy. Just take a look at the Don’t Starve series from Klei Entertainment and our current entry Candleman: The Complete Journey from Zodiac Interactive. In Candleman, players take control of a child-like candle who must venture through a dark world filled with ghosts and other dangers — and they nailed it.

3D platformers aren’t as popular as they used to be. So, those who do make them often have to put extra thought and creativity into their conception. By creating a character that must remain lit to avoid plunging into darkness, this game takes the simple theme of light vs. dark and turns into an enjoyable gaming experience.

Ghost of a Tale

One of the most-anticipated releases of 2018, Ghost of a Tale has many appealing elements like crisp visuals, a medieval setting, and challenging stealth mechanics. You play as a Tilo, a small mouse minstrel, who must navigate through dangerous areas filled with many vicious creatures to find his wife.

With no reliable way to defend yourself, nearly every enemy you encounter becomes a significant threat. Because of this, stealth is the way to go if you want to survive. Ghost of a Tale encourages players to be cautious, patient, and clever if they want to win.

Speed Dating for Ghosts

With the success of games like My Horse Prince and Hatoful Boyfriend, dating simulators have become a joke, but Speed Dating for Ghosts is different. Players control a lonely ghost looking for love in the afterlife. But just because you start off as a dead person doesn’t mean that you won’t feel the pressure when the heat is on. After all, Although, even creepy apparitions have standards.

While speed dating, you’ll encounter many specters with their own likes, dislikes, hobbies, and personalities. Players can date up to three ghosts at any given time until they choose one to pursue. Once your choice is locked in, you’ll branch off into your date’s individual story and help them resolve their issues by the date’s end.


Most roguelike games have one main goal because reaching it is such an overwhelming ordeal. Whether it’s to beat the big boss or find the legendary doodle, these games push players to their limits, and Delver is no exception. In Delver, players overcome treacherous dungeons swarming with enemies, traps, and hazards to find a mystical artifact.

Unfortunately, you aren’t very strong. Players will need to fight the monsters in the dungeons’ depths to gain experience and loot chests for treasure. But beware! This game is difficult. Expect to die — and often. Once you do, it’s back to square one. It also doesn’t help that the dungeons are never the same twice, so there’s no real way to prepare for them. There’s only one way to reach the goal: improving your skills as a player.

Ash of Gods: Redemption

Games about managing resources and statistics are usually hit or miss. Although, there are some titles that successfully incorporated these mechanics, such as The Banner Saga and the last entry on our list, Ash of Gods: Redemption. In Ash of the Gods: Redemption, you control several protagonists, ranging from scholars to captains, on a quest to fight the supernatural.

Every resource in this medieval, folklore-based fantasy world is valuable. But the more soldiers you recruit, the harder managing everything gets. In addition, every choice has consequences and any character can die despite how important they are to the story. All of this makes Ash of Gods: Redemption a challenging game that forces players to make smart choices — no matter the cost.

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