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Fandom Acquires Fanatical
Fandom, an entertainment company focusing on content about gaming, comic books, movies and TV shows, has acquired Focus Multimedia.
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8 Romance Games for Valentine’s Day
Find out what romance game is perfect for you with our handy guide!
Addison Peacock
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The Weird & Wonderful History of Phantasmagoria
We take a deep dive into the story of Sierra On-Line's infamous cult classic Phantasmagoria.
Lauren Badillo Milici
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Hitman: The Story So Far
Are you ready for HITMAN 3? Catch up on what you missed with our guide to the story of Hitman!
Bailey Meyers
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How ‘Mass Effect 2’ Cements its Legacy in Gaming
We revisit the beloved game to see what qualities make it stand out in gamers' memories.
Emily Rose Jacobson
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A New Year for Games: 11 Titles We’re Excited for in 2021
We take a look at the titles gamers are most excited to play this year.
Riley Rose
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Fandomize Yourself: Get the 'Cyberpunk 2077' Look
Get completely immersed in your fandom with this guide to creating your Cyberpunk world
Fandom Shop
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Keanu Reeves, ‘Cyberpunk 2077,’ and What Stars Bring to Video Games
With Keanu Reeves' 'Cyberpunk' work upon us, we look back at how and why familiar faces and voices end up in the gaming world.
Katie Elsaesser
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‘Watch Dogs’ Timeline: The Biggest Events So Far
With 'Watch Dogs Legion' out, we're taking a look back at some of the most notable moments in the entire series.
Emily Rose Jacobson
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