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Allied races are new playable races available to unlock now for fans who pre-order the new World of Warcraft expansion, “Battle for Azeroth.” These races each have unique racial abilities, mounts, emotes, and customization options. Let’s take a look at the Lightforged draenei and the Void elves, the first two allied races for the Alliance.

Lightforged draenei

Lightforged Draenei in Heritage Armor

The Lightforged draenei infused their bodies with Holy Light in order to battle the Burning Legion throughout the Twisting Nether. Now, after achieving victory on Argus, they have a new mission: protecting Azeroth and pushing back against the Horde aggression.

Lightforged draenei have golden eyes and golden markings on their bodies. Their mount is the Lightforged Felcrusher, and they leverage the power of light with their racial traits, such as Light’s Reckoning, which deals Holy damage to enemies and heals nearby allies on death.

Void elves

Void elves in heritage armor from World of Warcraft

The Void elves, on the other hand, fight for the Alliance by harnessing the corruptive magic of the Void. They’re led by Alleria Windrunner, the first mortal to embrace the Void without descending into madness. She’s training her Void-touched kin to control the shadows within them for the good of the Alliance.

Void elves are visually distinguished by their blue/gray skin, glowing blue eyes, and the blue highlights in their hair. They ride a Starcursed Voidstrider and have the ability to tear a rift in space and teleport to a new location with Spatial Rift, one of their unique racial traits.

Both the Void elves and the Lightforged draenei are available now if you pre-order the “Battle for Azeroth” expansion, with more allied races to come when the expansion launches on August 14.

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