The 7 Most Ridiculous “America’s Next Top Model” Makeovers of All Time

Cody Gohl

Aside from the house drama, thrilling catwalks, and intense photoshoots, one of the most exciting aspects of any cycle of America’s Next Top Model is the makeover episode, wherein host Tyra Banks (or Rita Ora for one brief, fleeting moment) gets to restyle the contestants in whatever way she pleases. Sometimes the results are stunning, and other times … well, let’s just say they can’t all be winners.

We previously covered the worst makeovers in the show’s history, so now we’re going to take a look at the zany, the bizarre, and the most downright ridiculous ANTM makeovers of all time.

Marvita Washington – Cycle 10

As far as ridiculous America’s Next Top Model makeovers are concerned, a standout is undoubtedly Marvita’s full-on horse mane in Cycle 10. Though the young model entered the competition with a mohawk, Tyra wanted to edge up the hairstyle even more by doubling down on the mullet-ness with added extensions. The result was … perplexing, to the say the least. But hey, Marvita never once complained and actually came to love her new ‘do!

Laura LaFrate – Cycle 18

Cycle 18 marked a departure for the ANTM brand as it featured models from across the pond for the first time ever, with American and British contestants squaring off for the title. While the season was a bit of a snooze in our opinion, it did feature a rather bizarre makeover for fierce competitor — and eventual runner-up — Laura LaFrate in the form of patriotic red, white, and blue highlights. Was the makeover on theme? Sure. Did it amp up Laura’s look? Unfortunately, no.

Phil Sullivan – Cycle 20

After Cycle 18’s British Invasion, the next big shake-up for the franchise came in Cycle 20’s introduction of male models to the competition. These eight hunky hopefuls brought some much-needed spice to the show and gave Tyra the opportunity to flex her male makeover skills. For Phil, this meant getting a luxurious weave that made him look like a cross between Jesus and Tarzan, King of the Jungle. Not a horrible makeover, but certainly not a great one either.

Shei Phan – Cycle 21

Inspired by the iconic Disney villain Cruella De Vil, Tyra decided on a blonde/jet black split for Cycle 21 contestant Shei Phan. While the style kind of worked for Shei (and helped her finish as the second-to-last woman standing), the look remains a strange one to this day, most notably for the matching dye job on her eyebrows.

Denzel Wells – Cycle 21

Fellow Cycle 21 competitor Denzel Wells was also the recipient of a ridiculous America’s Next Top Model makeover in the form of his now infamous beard weave. That’s right, a full beard was glued onto Wells’ face at Banks’ whim, and the effect was deeply unsettling. While it wasn’t the first (or last) unnecessary makeover decision she’d make, this furry faux pas made us all wonder what in the world our fearless leader Tyra was thinking.

Kari Calhoun- Cycle 21

Kari’s makeover on Cycle 21 lands on this list because it was just so unnecessary. The model walked into the season with stunning dark features that should’ve carried her all the way to the top, but instead was dealt a bleach blonde blow for no apparent reason. She still looked gorgeous, but the revamp felt like less of an aesthetic choice and more of a shocking one.

India Gants – Cycle 23

Cycle 23 may have been the first ANTM season without creator supreme Tyra Banks at the helm, but that didn’t stop the strange makeovers from pouring in. The zaniest of all was given to Seattle native and eventual winner India Gants, who received an intense purple dye job from substitute host Rita Ora. The finish was actually quite beautiful, but still totally ridiculous.

Cody Gohl
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