‘The Bachelor’: Power Ranking the Final Four Ahead of Hometown Dates

Adam Salandra

Fan favorites and frontrunners were dropping like flies on this week’s episode of The Bachelor, proving that we never know exactly what Arie Luyendyk Jr. is going to decide.

In Tuscany, Arie agreed with the rest of the world when he decided Seinne was too good for him and then surprised fans by also eliminating 22-year-old Bekah M. Meanwhile, Jacqueline excused herself from the running because she doubted her feelings for Arie. (Which means that even before her upcoming six years of medical school, Jacqueline is a smart cookie.)

That leaves us with four heading into next week’s hometown dates. And while we’ve learned we can’t always correctly guess which way Arie will go, we’re going to do it anyway — ranking the final four based on who has the best chance of winning it all.

4. Kendall

the bachelor kendall

Kendall is the quirky engine that could, continuously surprising viewers by sticking around week after week. Arie seems to find her eccentricities as endearing as the rest of us, but he has yet to have an on-camera moment with her that verifies a unique spark between them. It will be great to head home to see her taxidermy collection up close and personal next week, but alas, it could also be the last we see of her.

3. Tia

the bachelor tia

Tia has been at the top of our list for the past few episodes, but the drama she created with Bekah M. this week has us reconsidering her frontrunner status. When she called out the 22-year-old for not being ready to settle down with Arie, she at least had the decency to return to Bekah and let her know what she had done. But the attack on her fellow competitor proved that while she clearly is taking the game very seriously, she may push too hard in her quest to score her man.

2. Becca K.

the bachelor becca k

Scoring the first date of the season came with its share of perks, but it also gave Becca K. plenty of time to be forgotten as the season progressed. Luckily she got a second chance to make an impression in Tuscany and it was clear that she does have a connection with our bachelor. If things go well after taking Arie home to Minnesota next week, she definitely has a shot at winning it all.

1. Lauren B.

the bachelor lauren b

Lauren B.’s time on the show has been a giant mystery, and that’s not just because she never speaks. Despite some of the most boring dates imaginable, Arie really seems to be smitten with the silent blonde. Last night she finally tried opening up, admitting to Arie that she was falling in love with him. His response was to immediately leave the table for some alone time. But as it turned out, he was so overwhelmed by emotion and feelings for her that he had to step away. He returned to say he was feeling the same way she was, and it’s really starting to look like these two have a long, boring future together.

Adam Salandra
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