Grab the Best ‘Dark Souls Remastered’ Gear in Just Ten Minutes

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You can make Dark Souls Remastered a lot easier on yourself with the right gear. The difference between one-shotting an enemy and requiring multiple hits is huge. Even being able to guarantee a stagger on the first hit is a godsend.

Happily, there are a few great bits of gear you can get within the first few minutes of playing. Some of these suicide runs are harder than others, and in the above video we run through a range of them. Pick which weapon out of the video you want to try and breeze through the Undead Burg, one-hitting hollows like it ain’t no thing but a Leo Ring.

We’re always a bit wary of including the Drake Sword because it’s a crutch, but just be aware that you’ll need to ween yourself off it as other weapons outscale it. It’s also guaranteed, which is more than can be said about a lot of the Black Knight weapons.

In our guide to things you should know if Dark Souls Remastered is your first Souls game, we mentioned to not go in the Catacombs until you’re ready, or you have a specific reason. This is exactly the kind of specific reason we were talking about.

The Gravelord Sword is an amazing early game weapon that only requires 12 Strength to two-hand. The Great Scythe starts out smaller but surpasses most other weapons with its scaling.

Once you have a decent weapon, it’s easier to grab other pieces of early game gear. We covered killing Lautrec in the video, but you could also go down and kill Havel for his ring.


The above chart assumes you’re levelling up Dexterity as you upgrade the Great Scythe. It’s up to you if you upgrade the Gravelord Sword — the Titanite Demon right next to Andre makes the first tier easy. But we wouldn’t recommend upgrading the Drake Sword at all. Ever.

As always, take moveset into account. The two-handed R2 on the Great Scythe is fearsome. You may want to switch to it earlier because of that. But to be fair to the Gravelord Sword, it’s the only curved greatsword that has a thrust attack — handy for tight spaces.

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