Watch Every Easter Egg for Anime Fans in ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

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If the conditions are just right, some special things can happen in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Certain people have to lead the team, certain people can’t be on the team, the stage has to be right (and sometimes destroyed) and you may even need to get the KO with a particular move.

If you can manage all that, you’ll be treated to some top-notch fan service.

Unfortunately when you’re online, people have a nasty habit of always skipping through these cutscenes, and there’s no way to protest if you haven’t seen it for the first time yet. So we’ve compiled them all into the above video.

Note that it only includes the most significant easter eggs. We didn’t include every throwaway line from one character to another, because there are hundreds of those! But some of the fight intros and conclusions are quite special. Some of them even let you rewrite canon.

How to Find ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Easter Eggs

Here’s the list of dramatic openers and finishes, if you want to recreate them:

  • Teen Gohan vs Cell — These characters must lead their teams on Cell Games Arena. Android 16 and Goku can’t be on either team. Destroy the level. Get the KO on Cell with Gohan.
  • Goku vs Frieza — Lead with both characters on Namek. Krillin can’t be present. Destroy the stage. With Frieza as the last remaining character, beat him with Goku’s neutral heavy.
  • Nappa vs Yamcha — On the Rocky Field stage, finish either character off with the other’s neutral heavy attack and you’ll see a Saibaman story finish.
  • Nappa vs Krillin — Also on the Rocky Field stage, if you begin the match with these two, you’ll see Krillin’s revenge.
  • Trunks vs Frieza — Defeat Frieza with Trunks on the Rocky Field stage to see him go Super Saiyan for the first time.
  • Goku vs Kid Buu — Finish off Kid Buu with Goku at the end of the match and you’ll see Goku take him out once and for all with a Spirit Bomb… Before wishing he comes back as someone more honourable.
  • Goku vs Beerus — This one needs to be in Space, and you’ll have to beat Goku with Beerus to see the end of Battle of the Gods.
  • Beerus vs Goku Black — If Goku Black is under 10% health and you finish him with Beerus’ level 3 super, Goku Black will vanish and Berrus refers to him using his true name: Zamasu.
  • Picollo’s Cameo — If you’re doing Gotenks’ level 3 super and have Picollo on your team, he’ll join in for some volleyball fun.
  • Krillin’s Cameo — Krillin will take the place of Android 17 when assisting with Android 18’s level 3 super, if he’s on the team.
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