FANDOM Runs Amok in GTA Online

Jack DeVries
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Grand Theft Auto V is over four years old by this point, but the violent and crude loveletter to SoCal is still going strong thanks to the online multiplayer component of GTA Online, a mode where players all over the world can enter a shared San Andreas and wreak havoc with or against each other. Compete in races, rob banks, smuggle goods, or just dick around, GTA Online hands you the keys and then leaves you to your own devices. With a brand new expansion “The Doomsday Heist” now available we figured it’s time to drive back to San Andreas and pop a cap in a few unsuspecting tween gamers dressed up as the most aggressive and intimidating gangsters imaginable.

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Jack DeVries
I'm Jack! I like Pokemon, and sports themed anime shows where teenage boys cry a lot.
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