‘Far Cry 5’ Made Me Collect Bull Testicles

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You can expect to find the usual dose of “collect 10 boar tusks” in any open world game. But Far Cry 5 has an interesting take on the ol’ classic. In a recent play session, it had me running across the map collecting a few different sets of cattle gonads for Hope County‘s finest cuisine festival. On my way there, I had quite the adventure.

Dubbed the “Testy Festy,” your objective is to collect the bull bollocks in a few different ways. But the real key to this play session was how open the map was compared to previous previews.

Far Cry 5‘s map is divided into three sections, each controlled by a sibling of The Father, the game’s main antagonist. As you complete quests and liberate locals, you’ll gain “Resistance Points” and take back control of a section.

Once you’ve taken all three, The Father is waiting for you in the middle of the map for a final showdown.

Far Cry 5 animals bull cow
Bulls are tough to take down in Far Cry 5

My play area for this session was the first third of the map, and I was encouraged to go wherever I wanted within that space. I encountered Grace for the first time. Taking a cheeky peek at the rest of the map, it looks like you’ll be able to unlock more companions in the later sections, including a grizzly bear and what appears to be a cougar.

Check out our article about Far Cry 5‘s companions for the full list.

On my two-hour odyssey for bull balls, I came across compounds to infiltrate, big rigs to ram blockades with and plenty of smaller encounters on the way from point A to point B. The map is huge, and there’s a lot packed into it.

But while my favourite thing was stumbling across something interesting and forgetting about my main quest, it should be noted that only certain things have permanent affects in Hope County. You can kill cultists all day, and they’ll keep respawning. It’s the quests that achieve Resistance Points and affect permanent change.

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