Check Out the Surprisingly Epic Opening 20 Minutes of ‘Monster Hunter World’

Tom Regan
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Monster Hunter isn’t a series known for wasting any of its precious action time.

With previous entries throwing players straight into a sea of complicated systems with barely any narrative setup or explanation of how the game actually works, we were somewhat surprised by just how instantly gripping Monster Hunter World‘s opening is.

For the first time in the franchise, players not only get treated to glorious HD cutscenes from the off, but also get to take part in some surprisingly cinematic action scenes. Giving games like Destiny 2 and God of War a run for their money, this engrossing action RPG series is no longer the slow burn you’d expect — because Monster Hunter World feels awesome from the word go.

Monster Hunter: World smaller enemy

While the series has earned itself a bit of a reputation for being incredibly daunting to outsiders, this time around, Capcom has clearly made strides to appeal to a far wider group of gamers. While the game is a Pokémon-esque phenomenon in Japan, this action-tinged RPG has never quite made it into the big leagues over here in the West.

So what exactly is it? At its core, Monster Hunter is basically the medieval Jurassic Park game you never knew you wanted. Now though, thanks to some well-needed tweaks, Capcom’s dino-decapitator finally feels like a game that’s easy to pick up but also incredibly satisfying to master.

Moving from the underpowered 3DS to PS4, PC and Xbox One, this new and (almost) suspiciously accessible Monster Hunter finally feels like its ready to find the audience that it deserves.

We’ve already stated in our review why we’re big fans of Monster Hunter World, and this pulse-pounding prologue perfectly sets the tone for the dino-slaying spectacle that follows. Check out the game’s epic opening in its full HD glory by watching the video above.

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