‘Octopath Traveler’: Each Protagonist’s ‘Final Fantasy’ Counterpart

Lucas DeRuyter
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Games Nintendo

Octopath Traveler is the latest game from the prolific video game development and publishing company Square Enix (read our review here). Primarily known for the incredibly influential Final Fantasy series, it’s not surprising elements from the franchise pop up in their latest RPG. While each character in Octopath Traveler is distinct in both personality and story, there are some definite connections between each protagonist and characters from the Final Fantasy games. Here’s every Octopath Traveler protagonist’s Final Fantasy counterpart.

Olberic = Auron

Who doesn’t love a burley swordsman?

Olberic, an imposing swordsman haunted by his past failures, is a great character to start Octopath Traveler with if you’re a fan of traditional fantasy stories. Likewise, Final Fantasy X’s Auron is an enigmatic swordsman on a pilgrimage to atone for the death of his friends in a previous journey.

Between their shared imposing stature, skill with a sword, and a desire to avenge their dead comrades; there’s more than a decent amount of overlap between these two characters. Hopefully, we don’t find out that Olberic is a ghost halfway through Octopath, however.

Cyrus = Ignis

Handsome, magical men.

In the game Octopath Traveler, Cyrus is a scholar whose charm and passion unknowingly earns him the hearts of many of his students and sets out on a journey to uphold his ideals. Ignis, a character in Final Fantasy XV, is a studious and driven man who has earned the adoration of many of those who’ve played Final Fantasy XV.

The similarities don’t end with just the amount of love they receive, though. Both Cyrus and Ignis are some of the best magic users in their games. Their mastery of fire, ice, and lighting magic make them valuable team members capable of dealing with a variety of enemies in various situations.

Tressa = Rikku

Energetic adventurers.

Final Fantasy X’s Rikku is a plucky and cheerful young woman who begins her journey across the world by searching for rare and valuable treasure. Octopath’s Tressa is of a similar upbeat nature and also begins her journey in the pursuit of riches and greatness. They also happen to be the youngest playable characters in each of their games.

Octopath Traveler seems like it might get into some darker themes, and Final Fantasy X definitely has its share of heavier moments. Games like these need more positive and gleeful characters to lighten the mood once in a while, and Tressa and Riku both succeed in this end.

Ophilia = Yuna

Self-sacrificing, magical ladies.

Yuna, also from Final Fantasy X, begins her religious pilgrimage to save the world with the intent of sacrificing herself for the good of the world. Octopath’s Ophilia also begins a dangers sacred journey to save the world in place of her adoptive sister.

On top of their altruism and religious ties, both of these characters focus on healing magic and act as great support characters in their respective parties. Fingers crossed that if Octopath ever gets a sequel, Ophilia also becomes a pop-star treasure hunter with guns. 

Primrose = Rydia

Powerful women motivated by their departed family.

The motivations of Octopath’s Primrose primarily focus on her desire to avenge the death of her father by finding and killing the three assassins that killed him. Similarly, Rydia from Final Fantasy IV sets out on a journey to ensure that her mother’s death at the hands of an enemy kingdom never happens to another person again.

The death of a loved one profoundly motivates both Rydia and Primrose, and they both try to make the world better in their own way. Hopefully, Primrose becomes as classic character similar to the fame that Rydia still holds.

Alfyn = Tidus

Two nice dudes looking to make the world a better place.

Tidus’ character in Final Fantasy X primarily boils down to him wanting to do as much good in the world as possible and his rough past. Likewise, Alfyn nearly died in his childhood and the trauma inspired him to help those in need to the best of his ability.

Admittedly, both Tidus and Alfyn are rather straightforward characters that feel a bit stereotypical as JRPG protagonists. However, these more simplistic can still be plenty of fun if placed in interesting situations. Although, we can only hope that Alfyn doesn’t have as awkward a laugh scene as Tidus’ infamous moment in FFX.

Therion = Red XIII

Aloof, sarcastic, and fantastic.

Red XIII is a terrific character in Final Fantasy VII who uses his aloof personality and sarcasm to disguise his young age, sheltered life, and insecurities. Theiron also has a sharp thoung and uses it cope with his less than ideal circumstances in life.

Their personalities also get the both of them into a fair bit of trouble. Red XIII’s shortsightedness led to his capture by the evil corporation Shinra and Therion’s overconfidence led to his forced employment to a noble family. These two fan-favorite may get into a lot of trouble, but players are more than happy to help them get out of it.

H’annit = Lighting

No nonsense ladies with frustrating friends.

Octopath’s H’aani is a serious hunter on a quest to find her missing master who’s a bit of a slacker and miscreant. Lighting from Final Fantasy XIII is also a resolute warrior who ends up spending a lot of time with colorful and peculiar characters.

Both H’aanit and Lighting end up scolding those close to them quite a bit in their adventures. However, their beratings often come from a place of love and give them some fun character interactions. Hopefully H’aanit’s journey ends as happily as Lighting’s, and hopefully, it gets there a bit more quickly too.

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