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One Punch Man, the critically acclaimed and globally adored Shoen superhero anime series, is finally getting a lore-accurate world to explore with the upcoming launch of One Punch Man: World on iOS, Android, and PC.

Developed by Perfect World Games, One Punch Man: World turns the quirky and dynamic action of the show into a fully-fledged 3D action game that puts you in control of Saitama and his allies on his journey to becoming the world’s best (but often underappreciated) hero.

Here’s everything to know about One Punch Man: World.

Relive iconic scenes from the anime

One Punch Man: World is a faithful recreation of the anime’s first season with iconic moments that are accurately rebuilt scene for scene and punch for punch through the in-game engine. You can expect the game to include all of the huge action set pieces and major fights from the first season, albeit with you the player in control.

As you progress through One Punch Man: World’s main story you’ll regularly unlock and switch between different characters such as Saitama, Genos, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Mumen Rider, and Atomic Samurai to recreate battles from the anime.

However, players can expect to also experience a few new narrative threads in the form of special side missions that put the spotlight on previously sidelined characters. These special missions show off unique perspectives that add increased depth to pivotal scenes from the show.

Become an S-Rank Hero

Combat in One Punch Man: World is fast and combo-heavy, with each hero utilising specialised moves and techniques to conquer progressively tougher enemies. Perfect World Games has taken an ‘easy-to-learn but hard-to-master’ approach to the gameplay that lets you get to grips with each character’s differentiating playstyles and faithful special moves.

Some characters also have unique gameplay features that let them traverse environments and fight enemies in unique ways; such as Mumen Rider’s trusty Bicycle of Justice. Saitama himself is teased to have an unconventional gameplay mechanic, which given his tendency to eviscerate the majority of his foes in just a single punch, will likely be a fun twist on the character.

Welcome to Z-City!

Outside of the main story, you can explore Z-City, Saitama’s home turf. Z-City serves as the social and exploration half of the game where you can freely tour the dynamic city streets, interact with NPCs for unique side missions, unlock mini-games at the local arcade, and shop at various stores. You may even come across other heroes as they patrol the city or just go about their daily lives, such as Saitama shopping for bargain groceries.

Alongside Z-City, players can also travel to other locations such as A-City. Many of these locations feature expanded areas never before seen in the anime.

Work together in multiplayer raids

Alongside the story and surprisingly deep life-sim modes, One Punch Man: World also includes a cross-play multiplayer PVE mode. This mode allows you and up to three other players to take on challenging raids known as commissions. Commissions are missions that you have already cleared in the story mode, but unlike the story mission, they can be replayed with any combination of four characters and also include new difficulty parameters to up the stakes.

As you play through the story and multiplayer missions you can develop your hero through the ‘battle tier’ system. Through this system, you can unlock new special moves, skills, SR items, and equipment to give you and your allies the edge you need to come out on top.

Alongside developing your chosen hero, all playable characters also fall under one of several battle types. Depending on your hero’s battle type, their attacks will do more damage against certain enemies, so coordinating and strategizing with your allies before and during combat is key to taking down One Punch Man: World’s more troublesome opponents, like Beast King and Mosquito Girl.

The Perfect One Punch Man Experience

Perfect World Games has managed to cram an impressively large game into a bitesize, mostly mobile experience. By blending fast-paced 3D action with lore-accurate socialising and exploration, One Punch Man: World invites fans to immerse themselves in Saitama’s world and feel like they’re part of The Hero Association.

One Punch Man: World ‘Normal punches’ its way onto the Google Play store, App Store, and PC on February 1st. Pre-register now on the official site for an exclusive in-game bonus.

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