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Writer Robert Kirkman’s post-apocalypse media juggernaut The Walking Dead is getting the video game treatment yet again, this time from developer Overkill. The creators of the Payday series are taking their knowledge of team-based shooters and adding zombies.

Players will partner with up to three of their friends to explore an undead-infested Washington, D.C. They’ll scavenge for supplies and watch each other’s backs against the legions of walkers that want nothing more than to eat their faces. Here’s what you need to know about the characters you’ll control in Overkill’s The Walking Dead.


The game may be a first-person shooter, but nobody told Aidan that. He prefers to take on the monsters using melee weapons. And that’s probably a good idea since guns need ammo, but spiked baseball bats just need sharpening or fresh nails from time to time. Aidan always had to keep his temper under control before the world ended, but now he has a good outlet for his feelings: bashing zombies for the good of humanity.


Grant never expected to return to Washington. His plan was to spend his retirement out in nature, living off the land. But since the apocalypse, he’s found new uses for his survival skills. He’s returned to the city in search of his granddaughter, and he’s brought his hunting rifle with him. It’s possible the old-timer isn’t all there, but he’s got a sharp eye and the knowledge to stay alive.


This former kindergarten teacher never expected to have to hurt anyone. But morals and priorities change once the world fills up with shambling cannibals and ruthless fellow humans. She’s tried to maintain her morality in these different times, but she knows that sometimes survival means coming up with some new rules.


Maya’s background as a surgeon makes her a crucial part of the team. She’s the team medic, but that doesn’t mean she’s not handy in a fight. This doctor had pledged her own life to save others, but that had to change once everyone started becoming mindless killers. She’s still dedicated to keeping people alive. But she didn’t make any promises to the walkers.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead comes out for PC on November 6 and for PS4 and Xbox One in February 2019.

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